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A Wish for a Special Space

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In the day to day bustle of running a successful business, keeping it on track to ensure a skyward trajectory whilst maintaining a cheerful deposition, it is sometimes nice to stop for a short while and do something to make someone smile just because you can. It gives one the fuzzies knowing that they have a product that meets the needs of an exclusive wish made by a special girl.

This unique individual is wheelchair bound and the design of her home meant that some areas are better suited to people without the awesome accessory such as wheels. She longed for a place that was made just for her, a special place of her own where she can dream and feel that she has been transported through time and space. A place that would be life-changing.

Tui Crowe from Make-A-Wish New Zealand knew exactly what product would further enhance the gift of a Gro-Tunnel when she approached Gareth Tipene our very hands-on owner and extremely hard worker of Eco Lawn Auckland.

He was only too happy to help to know that the high-quality artificial grass from Eco Lawn would fit the requirements extremely well and he donated the grass to ensure the wish of a little girl would stay new and vibrant looking for years to come.

Soothing green, a peaceful place, a tunnel for one, a smile on one’s face. In a peaceful slumber, she can finally relax, a special space built for one, a door to fanciful yet wonderful places, giving her freedom way beyond her wheelchair.

Gareth and our friends at Eco Lawn were a huge support in granting the one true wish of a very deserving wish child we were working with in Morrinsville. Make-A-Wish New Zealand will forever be grateful for the smooth communication, openness to offer support and insight as well as an over-all sense of professionalism, mixed with personal integrity that we received through out our dealing. The coordination of our project was seamless due to the high quality communication throughout our workings with Eco Lawn. For the company to ship, supply and share their high quality products with us was extremely generous and has (& will continue to) positively impact a young girl living with a critical illness. I would highly recommend this business for any turfing needs and hope to work with Gareth and his team again in the future. 10/10 happy client!!!! THANK YOU ECO LAWN!!!! – Tui Crowe, Wish Coordinator

Thanks to the generosity of EcoLawn a dream came true that special day, the creation of a peaceful paradise matching the image in a special girl’s mind’s eye. Does your potential dream deserve the EcoLawn touch?

The picture used in this post is a stock picture and not of the child mentioned in this post. We respect every individual’s privacy and we do not wish to disclose the identity of the child mentioned in this post.

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