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Why don’t you just fake it?

Lawns were not exactly a ‘thing’ until in the 1800s someone felt that nicely cut turf would be a great idea. That’s when a specialist, otherwise known as the scythe man who knew how to cut the grass to a uniform height using nothing more than shearing blades would come and do the lawns.

Lawn mowers or other implements were unheard of so this was the only option. The only draw back is that this method was very expensive and only the wealthy could afford it. It was quite the status symbol to not only have the land available to do this but a nicely kept yard to boot.

Eventually as various tools were invented to adequately complete the job, a yard with clipped lawn became the norm and therefore social expectations relegated this as a must do task for aesthetic purposes and neighbourhood uniformity.

These days it still is quite the status symbol to have your own personal patch especially in Auckland and the bigger the patch the better especially when it comes to spiraling land prices.

It may seem that natural turf is a cheaper option. But have you actually looked how much maintenance that natural turf requires? Someone has to cut the lawn, cutting implements need to be purchased and products are required in addition to keep the implements going and the lawn looking as good as it can be.

Regular yard maintenance to get your lawn to an expected standard is time consuming and nowadays with the modern tendency to ‘outsource’ due to time constraints it is just an additional expense and something else to worry about.

Who would have known back in the 1800s when nicely cut lawns became fashionable and in the early 1900s when mowers much like what are used today were invented that there could be a time when these could no longer be required as there are now more viable options other than natural turf?

An old tradition easily resolved with the introduction of the fake. Natural turf ripped up to make way for artificial grass that will keep the social status quite elevated with minimal effort to achieve the fresh mowed, lush green look.

Natural turf is just so ‘yesterday’. Isn’t it high time you faked it with the Eco Lawn touch?

For when only the finest fake will do

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