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Where Can the Children play?

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Let us just face it – it’s June, it’s winter and we are only in the second week. Many days of winter misery stretch ahead.

Dreary, uninspiring, grey days are not exactly beckoning you to extract yourself from the radiant heat of a roaring fire, away from your winter creature comforts and it is no different with children.

It is hard to conjure up exciting games when half the yard resembles a lake and the carefully selected play equipment seems to be sinking into the mud quicker than a gross mismatch in weight on a sea saw. Let us not mention the dubious depth of the puddle at the base of the slide and the perennially dead patch under the swing, baked earth in the summer further deteriorating into a slippery, muddy surface in the winter.

Eco Lawn recognises that play needn’t stop because of persistent precipitation by stocking their weather resistant product called Cool Play. Available in a range of vibrant colours and coupled with a 40mm underlay tile allowing for a critical fall height of 1.5m leaving visits to the doctor for winter lurgies only

Cool play needn’t be just for the younger set. It can be used under basketball hoops, under ramps for skateboarding or for whatever active interest they have. The friendly Eco Lawn team are only too happy to assist with individual requirements and advise accordingly so you can get the best out of your play turf product.

Whatever your child’s interest may be, its comforting to know that there is a quality product available to cushion the aftermath of a stunt that was once a good idea.

For all weather play that does not stop when the rain comes down do you think your children could use Eco Lawn’s cool play touch?



Eco Lawn for enticing, all weather playgrounds

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