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Weeds & Artificial Turf

Weeds and Artificial Turf

Weeds & Artificial Turf

In general, it has to be said that an artificial turf requires less maintenance when compared to natural grass. Does that mean you don’t have to do any maintenance work at all? If you would like to keep your lawn in good condition and weed-free then no, you will still need to do some basic maintenance work.

Although it is unusual for weeds to grow through a professionally installed artificial lawn, they can still pop up around the edges. Weed seeds may also take hold in debris and organic matter left on the lawn. That is why it is important to cross-brush your lawn once in a while. Let’s take a look at some of the weeds that may pop up.


Crabgrass is a common problem in landscaped areas. You often come across it in places such as parks and leisure areas. It is a vigorous growing weed that can quickly take hold and make its presence known. It forms in clumps of up to about 25cm in diameter. Given the right conditions, crabgrass can grow up to halt a meter in height. Crabgrass is also known as quack grass, finger gross or fonio and is very invasive.

Broadleaf Weeds

Fortunately, broadleaf weeds are easy to spot in your garden. This is a very aggressive garden weed and often spreads by clinging to the bottom of your shoes. It is a fast-growing weed and seems to spring up overnight. Often you will find it growing on edges around your lawn. Check for it weekly as it sets seeds very fast. It can quickly grow to a significant size which is why it can’t be overseen.

Nutsedge Weeds

Nutsedge is another aggressive weed. It may look like ornamental grass but this is a very aggressive garden invader. It grows astonishingly fast and can quickly reach considerable heights. Many gardeners mistake nutsedge and often leave it thinking it creates interest. Make no mistake about it, this is not a weed you want in your garden.

What Can You Do?

Prevention is always better than a cure. When you share your garden with children and pets, the last thing you want to do is to use pesticides as a weed prevention option.

Weed fabric is a great option for most artificial turf installations. It is installed at the same time as your lawn is fitted in your garden. It works by suppressing weed growth stopping any weeds from breaking through your artificial turf. It is eco-friendly and increases the durability of your lawn. Some weed fabrics may also make your lawn less susceptible to UV damage and mold. It also helps to reduce mildew in your lawn and prevents rotting and insect invasions.

In Conclusion

An artificial lawn means less garden maintenance but you should still check your lawn, especially the edges, to make sure weeds are not manifesting all over your lawn. Weed fabric is a great way of suppressing weed growth and preserving your lawn.


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