Eco Lawn Landscaping An all-weather affair with artificial grass

An all-weather affair with artificial grass

Residential Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can take your weather whines away. Be gone the four seasons in one day. With an all-weather surface, never fear your plans can continue in full gear.

It is that time of year when the weather dithers about trying to decide exactly what it is going to do for the day. It changes its mind more often than one changes their smalls. It is like PMS on ‘roids. It’s a seasonal roulette on any given day.

Of course, the meteorologists do their bit but the weather is fickle and it going to do what it wants to do irrespective of whatever the reporter says on the nightly news and those beautifully presented charts of weather patterns seem to be part of the somewhat strategic guessing game that is Kiwi weather.

Meanwhile we poor beings must make do with one eye to the sky at any given time, brandishing brollys like a sword pulled in warning, toes twinkling in jandals whilst juggling sunscreen, oilskins and more woollen products than the entire kiwi sheep population as we all know sunny and warm one moment and frigid mizzle the next.

Spring has sprung; a new beginning after a dormant winter. The promise of warmer weather with pockets of warm days here and there lulling us into a false sense of security that an early summer has begun, plans are soon made in earnest for outdoor activities.

The sun can be beaming and the sky has more blue in it than an entire armada’s cloaks precipitation can still occur, activities abandoned sending the unfortunates galloping for shelter. Often the damage is done, sodden ground, individuals trudging indoors like an errant kid being sent to the naughty step.

We can accept responsibility for attempting to drag the warmth and dryness of the summer in to replace the angular cold of winter. One can only hibernate within the confines of home for so long with skin the less vibrant version of itself and the additional pudginess of extra pounds encapsulating our bodies like a soothing cloak.

Yet again this is another example where artificial grass can shine.

The question is not what you can do for artificial grass; it is what artificial grass can do for you. The low maintenance, all-weather nature of this versatile product in comparison to natural grass means it is ready when you are with virtually no effort at all. Sure it can rain, it can snow, it can pelt down with hail but as soon as the squall stops the fun can re-start. Fast draining artificial grass means you can use it at any time; life doesn’t pause so your fun shouldn’t do so as well.

Your spontaneous lagoon can be relegated to a bygone era, properties and domains with drainage issues both known and potential can be resolved by the knowledgeable Eco Lawn team when they install your chosen artificial all-weather surface.

With artificial grass you are not confined to one type of grass because it has the properties that suit your requirements, you have a choice of a range of quality grass. Artificial grass meets ALL requirements no matter what grass type you choose. Long, short, somewhere in between, lush, semi-lush, glorious greens in various shades or how about a sports turf? Eco lawn stocks them all.

Could your outdoor pursuits do with an all-weather surface thanks to the EcoLawn touch?

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