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Are you the type that likes a good DIY project? The one you can just sink your teeth into then once complete give yourself a good pat on the back and bask in the glory of your toils for years to come.

Self-installation of artificial turf can be difficult yet rewarding but with all the right equipment and support it can also be a satisfying task where you will reap the rewards straight away rather than wait for them to come into fruition which is required by natural turf.

At Eco Lawn we pride ourselves on providing quality artificial grass and installation products so you not only get the most out of your investment but all your hard work towards your own piece of perfection will be recognised.

By choosing Eco Lawn as your supplier we are happy to answer any questions that you have to ensure your project runs smoothly and the end result meets your expectations. In addition, if you are undecided whether self -installation is for you or have any questions our friendly Eco Lawn team are only too happy to assist. Please feel free to contact us on 0800 002 648.

We understand that our important customers do not come in a one size fits all package. You can choose to do as much or as little you like to do towards your project. You may choose just to do the ground work and have us install your artificial turf or we do the ground work and you install your turf. Our flexibility is your gain. Whatever your requirements are we are here to help.

For a rewarding DIY artificial grass project have you considered the Eco Lawn touch?

For your next DIY artificial grass project


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