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V is for Versatility

Artificial Turf for Mini Golf

Who in the right mind would even consider putting a putting green at a car spa? Well, guess what? Eco Lawn did!

To be the best provider and not to mention installer of fake grass your mind need not conform to societal norms or what is deemed to be ‘the right mind’. That space is required for some pretty crafty ideas due to the versatility of artificial turf.

To fit within what society deems best can often be boring and one tends to miss out on innovation as a result and some pretty nifty ways of cutting corners.

Let’s go back to the Takapuna Car spa and Eco Lawn’s ‘you beaut’ idea (no sarcasm intended) of parking a putting green using its quality product Golf Putt 13mm within its grounds. You have got to admit, its pretty impressive that a green which matches the requirements of the most serious of putters would suddenly erupt forth out of a concrete monolith that is an urban car wash.

It just goes to show that Gareth and his team are quite the professionals and make it look all too easy but the reality is you could not have the same impact and readiness to play with natural turf. Depending on the area, one or two days is all it takes for game ready artificial sport’s turf.

Whilst a product out of Eco Lawn’s extensive sports turf range featured on this product display it does not end there with a range of artificial grass types to suit every taste and budget whilst wrapped in the cosy knowledge that you are getting the best.

The versatility of any artificial grass or sports turf is that it can be for both indoor or outdoor use. Because it does not require watering to stay alive it can be treated like any indoor flooring and will not create a damp environment.

If artificial turf gets damaged, it is not the end of the world, repairs can easily be made returning your investment back to its picture perfect self in no time at all.

Could your lifestyle do with the versatility that comes with the Eco Lawn touch?

The epitome of versatility

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