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Why use Artificial Turf for Backyard Putting Greens?

Interested in setting up a mini golf course in the backyard?

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to play golf in the backyard, not having to drive through city traffic and cross over a couple of suburbs. What with spring in the air and a promise of a great summer, the idea has never been so exciting. I’m all for it. But what after the barbecue has gone cold and the beers warm, what after we’ve done a couple of rounds aiming for the big one.

What does one do when the backyard needs tending? DIY or lawn mower, not to mention all the time it takes getting those appointments fixed in the first place! Move over to Artificial turf and why wouldn’t you. Looks the same as natural grass, feels a lot better than the natural grass and muddy edges are a thing of distant memory. Apologies to the children in the family, no muddy puddles anymore!

Here’s the thing about Artificial turf, it’s a lot simpler than the traditional ways of putting greens. If you live in Auckland or Tauranga, Eco-lawn is just a call away. For the rest of New Zealand and Australia, we know how you thrive on DIY.

Eco lawn’s artificial turf lets you play your game, no matter what the weather. It’s abysmally low maintenance is going to keep your pockets jingling and there is a promise of no mud – no mess. The kids will love it. Its premium quality check means it goes through multiple checks before it reaches your doorstep from Australia. Last but not the least, our work speaks for itself mostly, even when we’ve got all our satisfied customers writing testimonials for us.

Eco Lawn has 2 high-quality products to use for backyard putting green – City Lesiure 15mm and Golf Putt 13mm which you can order online or contact us for a full supply and installation service.

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