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Top Benefits of Using Synthetic Turf for your Home

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Taking care of your lawn can be a tedious affair. 

Just thinking about watering, mowing, fertilizing, and lawn maintenance is already tiring.

But when you take a walk around your neighbourhood and see someone else’s thick, green and perfectly manicured lawn, don’t you sometimes feel just a little bit envious?

Luckily, there is a way to get a picture-perfect lawn without spending hours on your knees.

Synthetic turf is the best alternative for a beautiful low maintenance garden.

Check out some of the benefits below!

1. Picture Perfect

Many worries that a synthetic lawn will look fake or plastic-like.

The good news is, synthetic turf looks just like natural grass.

With technology advancing so quickly, the quality of turf has only improved. 

They have even been able to make the blades of the turf look like blades of real grass in terms of shape and colour. 

2. Hassle-Free Low Maintenance

A real lawn, no matter how small, requires a great deal of maintenance.

You have to figure out how often to water it, mow it, fertilize it, and so much more. 

While many take care of the lawn themselves, some hire professionals to take care of it, which can be expensive. 

However, with synthetic turf, the amount of maintenance required drastically drops. 

With no watering or mowing necessary, the cost of money and time is reduced.

In fact, all the turf requires from you is a weekly sweeping to keep it clean. 

3. Ideal for Any Climate

Another great benefit of having synthetic turf at your home is that you can have it regardless of what type of climate you live in. 

Because a real grass lawn can be so finicky with different types of weather, synthetic turf can be a much better option. 

Synthetic turf does not require sunlight or water or shade that real grass requires. 

If you have a shady spot in your yard, real grass may not grow there and you will see a noticeable patch there. 

If you get too much or too little rain, you could have anywhere from small patches to your entire lawn die off. 

But with synthetic turf, none of this matters!

You could have a full-on blizzard and the turf could be covered for weeks at a time, but when the snow melts, your turf will still be there in pristine condition.

On the opposite side, the turf will retain its colour even in the hottest climates.

Artificial grass has a UV-resistant coating so it won’t fade from direct sunlight.

You are even able to match your synthetic turf to what other healthy lawns in your area look like. 

This way it will be even harder to tell that your lawn is fake compared to your neighbours with real grass!

4. Durability

One of the biggest questions surrounding turf is its durability. 

Many want to know if it can hold up to different weather and conditions as real lawns can. The great news is, yes! 

It is incredibly durable, and a well-installed turf will even last up to twenty years. 

Artificial grass is very durable and can withstand constant use, whether it is from sports, children playing, or even pets. 

Frequent foot traffic will not harm the turf and the turf will keep its shape and colour. 

Pet urine and waste won’t soak into the turf either since there is no dirt for it to seep into. 

At Eco Lawn, we ensure that our artificial turfs are top quality, highly durable, and look like natural grass. 

Overall, there are so many great reasons to choose synthetic turf for your lawn. From the easy care of artificial turf to the fantastic durability, a turf is a great option for your home! 

To learn more about other benefits of using synthetic grass in your home, contact us today!


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