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The Resilience of Artificial Grass: A Saviour During Floods and Weather Challenges

New Zealand’s recent extreme weather events have wreaked havoc on our lives, properties and surroundings. Much of our external property – lawns and backyards – have deteriorated. Some beyond repair. During this period, the convenience and resilience of artificial grass have been seen as an ideal solution. We explore how artificial grass provides unparalleled convenience and functionality during floods and unpredictable weather, making it a reliable and practical choice for homeowners and communities.


Flood Resistance

When heavy rains lead to flooding, natural grass often becomes waterlogged and muddy, resulting in extensive damage and lengthy recovery periods. On the other hand, artificial grass is designed to drain efficiently, thanks to its permeable backing and strategic installation process. The synthetic fibres do not absorb water, allowing it to pass through the surface quickly.

This flood resistance is particularly beneficial for homes and communities in historically flood-prone areas and those at risk. Artificial grass helps prevent soil erosion and eliminates the formation of mud pits, reducing the risk of accidents and property damage. Additionally, it provides a clean and usable surface once the floodwaters recede, saving homeowners from the tedious and costly process of reseeding and restoring natural grass.


Weather-Proof All Year Round

Extreme weather conditions don’t just occur in winter, as 2023 has proven. As well as flooding, scorching heat and prolonged droughts can take a toll on natural grass. The high maintenance demands, water requirements and susceptibility to damage during these conditions can become a burden. Artificial grass offers unparalleled weather resistance. During hot summer months, the synthetic fibres maintain their lush green appearance without requiring constant watering. Homeowners no longer need to worry about dead patches or the hassle of flooding, as the synthetic surface remains intact and ready for use all year round.


Low Maintenance, High Convenience

Apart from its weather resistance, one of the most significant advantages of artificial grass is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike natural grass, which demands regular mowing, watering, and fertilisation, synthetic turf needs minimal upkeep. Once installed, homeowners can enjoy a beautiful and functional lawn without the hassle of constant care.

Artificial grass has proven itself to be an invaluable asset during floods and weather challenges. Its properties prevent damage, soil erosion, and the formation of muddy areas, offering a clean and usable surface 12 months a year. 

The convenience of artificial grass in terms of low maintenance and durability is a game-changer. Homeowners and municipalities can now rely on synthetic turf to provide a consistent and visually appealing landscape that withstands the tests of nature. As extreme weather becomes more frequent and intense, the reliability and convenience of artificial grass make it a wise choice for those seeking a resilient and beautiful outdoor space that always looks its best.

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