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The modern day astro turf

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Astro turf, artificial grass, artificial turf and sports turf are all names given to synthetic turf. They are the artificial answer to real grass.

Whilst the brand name AstroTurf is patented to this day in the US it is used as a generic brand name for any type of artificial turf whether it may be for sports, home or commercial use.

Astro turf was the platform that began the evolution that led to the creation of artificial turf of today. Created in the 1950s as an answer to less than ideal playing surfaces created by natural grass in sub optimal growing conditions, it soon extended to home, commercial use and even used as a carpeting option.

Artificial turf was not always known as AstroTurf as it had the least known patented name of Chemgrass in 1965 before the catchier name of AstroTurf was bestowed upon it in 1966 when it was used at the Houston Astrodome.

Heavily publicised as a result it was soon recognised as a viable option where natural grass was not possible due to poor growth and maintenance costs in both time and money plus sourcing experienced people (especially for sports use) that could maintain natural grass to an expected standard.

Artificial sports turf is favoured especially in the professional sporting arena as a more viable option as it is tailored to ensure optimal play whereas natural turf requires more maintenance to reach this standard and even then, there can still be surprises.

The earlier versions of artificial grass looked undeniably synthetic before evolving into the natural looking grass produced today and stocked by Eco Lawn.

Thanks to Eco Lawn, quality artificial grass for all uses is accessible for all as there is a product to suit every budget. The domestic application of Eco Lawn’s sports turf will give you a playing surface that is acceptable for professional play right in your own back yard.

Eco Lawn’s artificial grass range is manufactured by our mates across the ditch and being the continent of extreme weather patterns, they know that only the best will do.

So whatever name is used for modern day synthetic turf, could your place do with the Eco Lawn touch?

The modern name for artificial turf

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