Eco Lawn Landscaping The high summer scorch

The high summer scorch

Residential Artificial Grass

The carefree frivolity that is summer, the baking heat rendering one incapacitated and small tasks are seemingly monumental. Who in their right mind would want to push a snarling, petrol guzzling, beast up and down the yard biting in to the ferociously growing natural greenery? The fetid breath of the bins between rubbish days slicing through the aroma of freshly cut grass.

Such a task is a must and one must toss up between forgoing the infamous weekend lazy lie in or the delicious sundowner basking in the cooling temperatures of the dying day whilst pushing delicious delights around a backyard grill to avoid such an arduous task during the searing temperatures of the hottest parts of the day. It is a singular task that often has no takers.

With the onset of the settled weather comes the distinct lack of precipitation, the hot sun beating relentlessly down, scorching the parched lawn. The kiln like temperatures baking areas devoid of grass, rendering the earth as hard as concrete. Any life-giving moisture running straight off teasing the parched earth.

Rising costs of water supply and restrictions rendering sprinklers prohibitive and a relic of a bygone era.
This frightful sight that should have been one’s personal oasis sinking into a desert like state which would only serve to make sore eyes even sorer.

Have you considered welcoming in the oh so green grass that is naturally Eco Lawn? Time to toss the natural lawn with its finicky nature into the skip bin and embrace the predictability that comes with having artificial grass. Don’t let the term ‘artificial’ put you off quality Eco Lawn products. It will not disappoint with its natural looking, lush blades with a grass type to suit the look you desire.

Eco Lawn artificial grass is made in Australia, the continent of weather extremes, soaring temperatures and periods without the soothing relief of the frequent cloudbursts. It is the lawn you need to give your life back and the much-needed injection of predictability.

Isn’t it high time to make your yard look eye pleasing with the Eco Lawn touch?

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