The cool creep

Residential Artificial Grass

Apparently a paltry three months is allocated for the Summer season before ‘boom’ and then it is gone. It takes a wee while for Kiwi weather to get its act together so one cannot help but feel like having been short changed when even a sniff of cooler weather appears before a full three months of cosy outdoor ambience has been had.

Who could blame one for placing efforts into high gear to encourage a faux summer well into Autumn, eking it out until at least Easter with its extra-long weekend and the last break from the daily grind before the rudeness of the cold weather makes its mark?

It is the beginning of the cool creep. That uneasy interlude between the warm and the cool. One knows that it is coming but denial is in full throttle as we all know that it is only going to get a whole lot cooler.

The lazy days that comes with the warmer weather, the alfresco dining, the slap of bare feet on various surfaces (surface temperatures depending on the speed of slap), wharf jumping at high tide, the mandatory homeward bound ice-cream bespattered on one’s front a reminder to all and sundry that chocolate dip is not an ideal summer addition, a delightful last minute change of plans to twilight greasies on the beach and the lingering in the cool room under the guise of carefully selecting a special tipple at the local bottle shop will soon become a delicious memory and the inevitable return to our hermit like state when the depths of winter forces us to seek shelter away from the biting cold.

Come Easter the march of the cooler weather has taken hold, daylight savings quashed and an hour rudely whipped away. Evenings plunged into darkness once more.

The wet whinge has yet to begin.

Your lawn that has more crunch in it than a box of toasted muesli is yet to face its next seasonal challenge bringing with it an unwelcome drop in temperature causing frost and even snow in certain areas. High precipitation blocking air gaps in the soil and washing away essential nutrients before they reach the grass roots. All of which keeping your natural lawn from being at its best.

Backyard frivolities halted to curb the meeting of mud and fixed furnishings.

Eco Lawn’s quality artificial grass range will ensure that winter need not spell the end to your backyard fiestas. With the Eco Lawn team installing your chosen product any issues can be overcome leaving you with a no surprise, perennially beautiful, low maintenance yard to be proud of no matter the season.

Do you think that your back yard would be better equipped to face a Kiwi winter with the Eco Lawn touch?


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