The big squelch


Your lawn looks like earth from afar with bodies of water, continents and islands. If you are one of the ‘lucky’ ones where the water eventually does drain when it actually decides to stop raining you are left with a quagmire with quicksand capabilities or a slippery mess resulting in bruised egos (and behinds), dirty clothes and a silty washing machine.

Artificial grass can be the answer to drainage issues allowing a dry surface whenever required. You wouldn’t paint a house without preparing the surface beforehand, artificial grass is the same as its only as good as its installation. Any issues can easily be overcome to ensure your investment still meets your high expectations.

Ongoing drainage issues can be detrimental to artificial grass not only shortening its life span but undermining it causing an uneven surface and losing its uniform look.

Not all artificial grass suppliers and installers are the same. It is important that all existing, natural grass and debris are removed before building the subbase as it is this that does the draining! Cheaper is often not better and skimping on the installation of such an important investment could end up costing you longer in the long run, feeling short changed, burnt and potentially missing out on the benefits of such a versatile product.

If you have drainage issues and you are worried that your land is not suitable for artificial grass, think again. Quality artificial grass is ideal for areas with high rain fall and persistent drainage issues.

Laying the artificial grass should be considered the end product of successful preparation not just rushing to install and be done with it.

The Eco Lawn team are considered to be a reputable installer as we will first inspect your property to determine any issues and how they can be overcome to ensure you get the best out of your chosen turf.

Eco Lawn understands that a good sub base goes a long way towards a successful installation and this coupled with the permeable nature of quality artificial grass assists with draining away water that would otherwise pool.

Individual property requirements vary but the experienced Eco Lawn team can determine the right aggregate product for you. Our article ‘How to install Artificial grass’ explains the installation process further. Of course, if you have any questions, the Eco Lawn team are only too happy to answer.

Could your soggy surface do with the Eco Lawn touch?


The lawn with no soggy surprises

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