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The Achilles heel of Artificial grass

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Every object whether natural or man-made has an Achilles heel that could either prevent it from achieving its potential or at worse cutting short its intended life span. Artificial grass is certainly not exempt.

With artificial grass from Eco Lawn, you can be guaranteed that our product is manufactured in Australia to the highest standards but despite the fact that all care is taken to meet these standards there will be flaws beyond our control.

We all know that:

  • If organic matter like leaves is not regularly cleared off the lawn they can rot the production of moss and algae could occur (easily remedied through the application of specially designed chemicals).
  • If pets use a certain area regularly and if it is not regularly hosed down a build-up of odours can occur (easily solved by enzyme spray if it should occur).
  • If vehicles are driven over artificial turf damage can occur so best leave vehicles on the driveway and off your precious turf.
  • Potential staining can be prevented by washing the area down with water or in the case of stubborn stains the application of mild detergent and water.
  • Sporadic watering of your lawn as required will keep it at its showroom best.
  • By not placing a mat under the backyard BBQ can cause a build-up of grease on the grass although not immediately damaging to your grass it can be unsightly and may shorten the lifespan of your investment.
  • By asking smokers not to butt out on your lawn and the provision of ashtrays will prevent heat damage to your luscious blades.
  • Heat from the exhaust of powered garden tools can melt your lawn but being mindful of this fact can prevent this from occurring.

However, most of this is common sense.

But did you know that sun reflected off glass especially the more energy efficient windows and everyday objects like a drink bottle or a toy can cause heat spots that can create enough energy to melt a spa pool cover but melt your precious investment?

Here are some example links of possible damage from the magnification of the sun:
Ways that we can think of that can cause the product to melt as follows:
  • Reflection of the sun off a window or awning during a heatwave in the middle of summer.
  • Magnification of suns light/heat through a water bottle.
  • Magnification of suns light/heat through a clear toy ball. This has also caused a spa pool cover to melt.
  • Hot exhaust from powered garden tools has melted grass product.

This need not be the end of your dream to have artificial grass installed, through the careful placement of pavers, ornaments, gardens or other points of interest in areas where this issue is likely to occur and tidying up the backyard of any heat magnifying culprits will prevent it from occurring at all.

Through the understanding of potential flaws can go a long way to minimising or the prevention of loss from the outset. The friendly Eco Lawn team are only too happy to assist with answering any concerns that you may have.

In the event of your lawn being damaged please call the friendly Eco Lawn team on 0800 425 505 to discuss options that will return your precious investment back to its pristine self.

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