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Residential Artificial Grass

T’was a woeful scene. A lone can of beans plopping its way down the steep stair case before making its merry way down the driveway in a bid for freedom not far beyond. Carefully selected food stuffs no longer looking supermarket shelf new be splatter the sorry scene. Spilt bottles, a motley crew of various colours daubing the deviant stair way giving the illusion of the morning after the night before of an out of control student fiesta.

Dignity flew out the window in such royal fashion when part way up the stair case of doom, the title quite befitting as it takes no prisoners, the one false move (and there has been a few) leaving its latest victim sprawled in the most inelegant manner where ever their free fall has taken them.

Scraped knees, lumps and bumps and we shall never forget the time nor allowed to for that matter when spiteful Shirl could not sit down for a week.

The steps are innocent enough, it is the build-up of dirt and moss that is the woe. Regular cleaning with this and that and a jolly good blast of water for good measure and always the slipperiness comes back with even more extra.

This is where Eco Lawn can come to your rescue. Their quality, artificial grass products affixed to the places of nuisance providing a non-slip surface ensuring your safe foot fall from a to b providing the calm assurance that your dignity (and groceries) will remain intact.

Not only will Eco Lawn artificial grass be safety first, the manufacturing process ensures longevity so your investment will still look as good as it was when it was first affixed. Let us not forget that it would not look out of place with its surrounds and provides quite an eye pleasing effect making this an awesome product of no regrets.

So shove the consumptive water apparatus in the shed with the myriad of other handy household crap and embrace the change that comes with artificial grass.

Could your scary stairs and other areas do with the Eco Lawn touch?

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