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Staycations for the back yard

School is out. The week at camp was great but nothing like being at home, surrounded by one’s ‘stuff’ and days of freedom laying joyously ahead and adventures, all unknown, lurking around every corner.

But nothing could prepare the offspring for their home coming. For in their absence the parental plans had finally come into fruition and thanks to the Eco Lawn team, the patchy, weed infested lawn with the boggy bits had been ripped up and, in its place, a natural green, lush carpet now lays.

The carefully selected product being Bay Grass, the epitome of a healthy lawn at its peak without all the work to make it look just so. With a generous length of 35mm, it looks luscious without losing its freshly mown, well-kept look.

Activity abruptly halted as the pair sorrowfully survey the splendid scene, even with disappointment weighing heavily on them, both could not help but notice now how wonderfully inviting their yard now looked.

With a gorgeous length this is grass made for comfort. Games both real and imagined now begging to be played. New ideas for play popping like popcorn within their mind’s eye.

But what would become of the tri-annual back yard camp? Camp fire bananas cooked in their skins with lumps of melted chocolate, potatoes with blackened skin removed, revealing fluffy goodness inside garnished with a generous blob of butter perched precariously on top and fiery molten blobs with crispy exteriors affixed to a willowy switch? Enough sweet treats to put even the most well-trained pancreas into a sugary meltdown.

Tent pegs can besmirch the uniform green. Even the quality, durable artificial grass range supplied by Eco Lawn is not designed for tent pegs. The children lament their loss.

Artificial grass does not mark the end of back yard fun slumbers! Whilst artificial grass and tent pegs are not a match made in heaven, Fun and frivolous time in tents atop the artificial green can still, very much so, apply!

Tent erection sans pegs is the way around it! Just anchor the corners bricks, door stops anything heavy will do. Unless a foul wind is blowing the tent will stay put, safely encapsulating the slumbering beings within.

The added bonus of sleeping on the soft even surface that is artificial grass means you are not subject to the hard and often uneven ground that lays just beneath natural grass allowing for a restful night under the stars with the lucky parent who drew the shortest straw.

When it comes time to break camp a good brush over of the flattened bits will return the area to its former glory.

With Eco Lawn artificial grass there is an adventure waiting for everyone.

Could your next back yard camping session do with the Eco Lawn touch?

For keeping family traditions alive

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