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Sports Turf for the ultimate Paintball game

gerson martins

The early morning mist that has yet to dissipate, stubbornly staying put. Trees displaying varying hues with patches of green, the crisp notes in the air, the promise of the colder months ahead. The season that is autumn has now descended upon the playing field. All is quiet for now except for the birds in full cry as they go about their morning business.

It is clear that the summer had not been kind. Hard baked, cracked earth with tufts of burnt green. Tatty grass runners travelling here and there, trying in vain to ensure longevity and survival. The overused ground rutted and uneven. Recent precipitation creating pools of varying depths coupled with slippery mud.

Various obstacles, hiding places and boards to shield dot the landscape like tombstones marking games long since passed. Paint in raucous colours splattered mirroring an artist’s palette.

This is a place for adults to play, this is the place for guns, to dress for effect, this is the place for Paintball.

Various vehicles regurgitate over 18s in the pursuit for fun, ready for messy play atop a struggling playing field.

Paintball is a fast-paced game where eyes in the back of one’s head a must, sharp mind a definite, speed advantageous and agility questionable. Finding targets whilst not trying to become one yourself in the process of flag acquisition from the opposing team.

There is no time to be looking at potential perils beneath one’s feet.

Have you ever thought about the creation of the perfect playing field using Sports turf from Eco Lawn?

  • Safe, even playing surface offering better traction
  • Fewer injuries
  • Cleaner play
  • Durable enough to take the rigours of regular games
  • Easy to maintain
  • All weather surface
  • Drains well for dry play
  • Ideal for fast-paced gameplay
  • Looks professional
  • Allows for game concentration
  • Equipped to take various sizes of bunkers with ease creating an exciting environment for gameplay

Eco-Lawn stocks a variety of quality sports turf and they are only too happy to match the right turf for your Paintball gaming needs.

Do you think that your paintball game deserves the EcoLawn Touch?

Photo by Gerson Martins on Unsplash

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