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Sports Turf and adverse weather

Artificial Turf used in Sports

Artificial grass is not only great for domestic application but when one looks at the bigger picture it can be used in various sporting pursuits under the equally awesome name of Sports Turf.

As dynamic as the name of Sports turf may be it is a very generic term underplaying the fact that there are various varieties of sports turf to cover every outdoor (and indoor) sporting activities and Eco Lawn stocks them all.

Of course,  I could sit here and sing their most well-deserved praises and the virtues of each individual product but that is not what I am here for today.

We are currently in the grip of a rather chilly and if I may say so, an extra soggy precipitous winter. Let us not go there about the wind chill factor, frost and the other miserable condiments, sports must go on.

Let us face it, whilst natural grass is nice and very traditional it doesn’t drain well, it is affected by adverse weather conditions and after the rigours of whatever sporting pursuit is played does not respond well to the constant wear and tear of back to back games and therefore must be ‘rested’ to recover for future play.

After heavy rain, it is not uncommon to see the signage ‘Fields closed’ with enormous puddles dotting the unusually quiet sporting platform or the deceptively dry patches where brave steps are rewarded with a juicy squelch which leaves no secret as to the reason why.

Sports turf can take all of that away. It lasts for years and the initial outlay is offset by its benefits:

  • It is low maintenance and can handle back to back games.
  • Resting becomes a distant memory.
  • Drains well which means no game delays.
  • No faffing around attempting to manage pristine playing conditions.
  • Damage resistant so will always look great no matter how rigorous game-play can get in any weather conditions.
  • Increases safety through flat playing surfaces.
  • All weather surface.

Those benefits are hard to deny. Now the question that is now upon one’s lips is that could your sport afford to resist the Eco Lawn sports turf touch?

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