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Away with the Backyard Bities

Summertime brings the awakening of senses – one of which is fun. A well-clipped backyard lays beckoning, awaiting enjoyment in the sun. School is out; the days ahead are long and promising.

The summer hibernation of sweaty shoes – bare feet and grass a match made in heaven, winter feet finally coming up for air, free from confinement.

The banishment of the winter blues bringing forth rose-tinted glasses, the inevitable forgetfulness of prickles – the herbaceous backyard piranhas.

The oh so recognisable hot iron sand march atop a lawn of hidden nasties. Backyard play brought to a resounding halt whilst the feet hugging prickles are tenderly plucked from every protesting spot.

The yard becomes an unmarked minefield where even the fearless dare not tread. Outdoor play is soon forgotten in favour of a non-herbaceous ow free footing which undoubtedly reigns supreme instead.

The winds of change need to come, dragged would be for the best. A grass free of all things nasty with the ability to hold back the sands of time, durable yet lush, a veritable feast for the eye, a pleasing platform on which to play on – a kid’s best friend if you like. The perfect prop for backyard kid gatherings, the envy of all who lay their eyes upon, a backyard coated in tantalising perennial green.

The detested but mandatory Sunday morning chore of a mow no longer a must, leaving more time for imaginative play and a nag-free weekend.

What is this backyard dream? The wonder of all wonders? The answer to your pondering is artificial grass of course. Eco Lawn providing the answer to the backyard bitey blues. A veritable smorgasbord of ‘backyard carpets’ for every taste and wallet size. With delicious names and artificial grass types to tantalise even the most decadent of tastes.

Your children’s feet deserve the best and for tear-free uninterrupted outdoor play shouldn’t YOU be considering Eco-Lawn?

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