Eco Lawn Blog Landscaping Slopes blanketed with Artificial Grass

Slopes blanketed with Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation

Housing NZ knew that they were on to a good thing when they hired the Eco-Lawn team to create a hillock in the play area centrally located within their brand new housing estate in Otahuhu.

This was a job that was of a technically challenging nature as most things tend to slide from the top to the bottom of any slope. Knowledge on how to counteract Newton’s Law of Motion was certainly a must whilst creating a polished, professional look to boot. Of course, the Eco-Lawn team tackled this challenge with ease.

Housing NZ’s choice of using quality artificial grass from Eco-Lawn was a good one due to its flexibility and therefore the ability to take on any formation required of it. In addition, it provides for a lush, green, weed-free slope all year round with the appeal of natural grass but without the high level of maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance I must take the time to point out that with slopes the word challenging can be an understatement as they tend to be tricky little beasts. Anything with wheels tends to make their way South rather rapidly so it can become difficult to the casual onlooker on who exactly is controlling the Masport – you or the Masport itself? Not to mention the irrigation, fertiliser along with the other trappings of natural grass your precious time is too important for all of that palaver.

An artificial grass project for the garden variety ‘extremely handy person’, involving slopes and other landscaping of a technical nature may not end very well at all. The potential of the air turning blue as something goes wrong is very high. If you have a quality product then you need quality installers such as Eco-Lawn to ensure that the artificial grass looks the best it can be and something that you will be proud of.

The Eco-Lawn team is no stranger to slopes in addition to the awesome job they did for Housing NZ they also completed a ‘you beaut’ effort for Chapel Downs School in Flatbush.

Chapel Downs School

So what are you waiting for? Give Eco-Lawn a call today. They can check out your backyard challenges and give you free advice on all options so you can make an informed decision.

Any tough job no matter how great or small, throw it at the Eco-Lawn team they will tackle them all.

Doesn’t your hill or slope deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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