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Signs You Need to Replace Your Artificial Turf

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Artificial turf is a great lawn option because of its evergreen look, durability, and low maintenance. However, despite its durability, it can’t last forever.  It’s important to be aware of the tell-tale signs you need to replace your synthetic grass needs to keep your yard looking fresh and vibrant. 

Keep reading to discover the key signs to look out for!

1. Obvious Signs of Damage

An obvious sign of damage is a clear indication you need to replace your lawn. Although synthetic turf is extremely long-lasting, it is not immune to damage. Accidents in using an outdoor grill can melt or burn the turf. Heavy furniture and oil spills can also damage your artificial turf. Even the harsh weather can shorten the lifespan of the lawn. 

When a part of your turf is melted or burned, there is no way to fix it except for replacement. Depending on the damage, you’ll have to replace a section or the entire lawn with matching colours and seams. 

2. Stains and Odours

Artificial grass is great for pets and their messes. If you have a dog, it’s easy enough to clean up your pet’s mess efficiently. However, when you fail to clean up right away, this becomes a problem. 

Since synthetic turf lacks the microbes that break down organic waste, the pet mess will stick in the yard. This will result in stains, mould growth, and bad odours that can only be addressed by getting rid of the entire grass. This can be avoided if pet owners are conscientious in addressing the mess.

3. Faded Colour

Synthetic turf is installed in various shades to look like natural grass. Like many dyed products, daily exposure to different weather conditions can fade the colour of the blades and ruin their quality. 

Fortunately though, this takes years to happen and depends on how much sunlight is directed to your lawn. If you discover that your grass is fading, then it’s high time you contemplate replacing it. 

4. Loose Seams and Inlays

When artificial grass is put in place, seams and inlays are applied to keep it in good shape. Over time, the adhesive that keeps the seams and inlays firmly attached can weaken, and when this happens, your safety and that of your family can be compromised. Once the seams start to tear and the inlay lifts, it will cause a trip danger in that section of the synthetic yard. It’s recommended to replace your synthetic turf once you discover seams or inlays are detaching.

5. Update lawn style

If your synthetic turf was installed a decade ago, it’s time to take a closer look at your lawn.  The artificial grass that you might have opted for a decade ago may be no longer fashionable. Therefore, you might be warming up for something that is up-to-date and seems a bit modern.  A lot of advancement has happened to develop artificial grass technology in the past ten years, so today’s synthetic turfs look better. 

If you discover any of the signs listed above, then think of replacing your synthetic turf right away. Keep in mind to keep your eye out on stains, awful smells, damage, loose inlays or seams, and faded colours. Artificial grass is also considered a good investment and can help increase a property’s value, which is a good thing if you are planning to sell your home. 

Do you need to replace your synthetic turf? For artificial grass replacement, give us a call today at 0800 002 648. We’d love to help you!


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