Eco Lawn Services Sports Fields
Artificial Turf used in Sports

Is there anything more frustrating than having a sports event cancelled or postponed because the fields are boggy? Well, Eco Lawn has the answer.

Eco Lawn has the expertise to successfully install a variety of high quality artificial turf surfaces. We have a surface to suit any sporting requirement and we can guarantee that it will stand up to any activity, and be safe for anyone to play on.

On top of that we can design markings to suit a specific sport – for example – an athletics track, football pitch, rugby field, hockey field, cricket pitch, tennis court, softball diamond, netball court or anything else.

Why play on Eco Lawn?

  • All weather surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Soft surface reduces injuries
  • Hygienic no-dirt surface
  • Maximise use of available space




    $62.90/ Sq m


    Calling all putting enthusiasts of a commercial or a domestic nature, Eco Lawn has a product that has been made with your name firmly stamped upon it.

    This is a product that has been created with a specially knitted yarn coupled with a pile height of 16mm which has been developed to ensure the optimum ball roll. It has been built to be professional and you can choose whether or not you will be. But you can be sure of optimum play every time.