Artificial Grass for Schools

Eco Lawn has a wealth of experience working with schools. And we start each job knowing how important it is to provide high quality playing, sports and recreation areas for the students and staff.

Needless to say, Eco Lawn’s artificial grass is completely safe. It has been rigorously tested and because it’s manufactured in Australia, it has the strength to stand up to the New Zealand weather conditions.

Why Eco Lawn?

  • Tidy up unsightly areas
  • No more muddy surfaces
  • No more uneven/bumpy ground
  • Soft and safe for kids
  • Create more usable space




    $50.50 $45.45/ Sq m


    The product on offer here is City Leisure which has a15mm non-directional pile that allows it to be dense and firm. This type of construction allows this versatile product to be an ideal surface for various uses.

    It will add a splash of green to your balcony or patio whilst being a comfortable all-weather surface. It can be cut to allow for pipes and other barriers to form a seamless floor that looks as though it has been made especially for the area.


    $59.00 $50.15/ Sq m


    Cool play is the only product that has a surface that provides the bounce without the crunch, minimising the ouch factor suffered by children doing what they do best and that is by learning through play and most importantly having fun. Look at what lies beneath for this important playtime product with its combined 40mm rubber underlay tile providing a critical fall height of 1.5 metres allowing for the fear-free climb keeping all gasps at bay.


    $35.50 $31.95/ Sq m


    Well, its name certainly leaves no doubt of what sport that it is for. If you would like a surface that is in the form each and every time it is used then look no further than Cricket Pitch.

    A dense product that comes with a very short pile of 9mm designed and is ready for play at every level. Cricket clubs, schools, council run parks and indoor centres would all benefit from this product that guarantees a consistent bounce performance to ensure a woe free game.


    $42.00 $37.80/ Sq m


    All the expertise has gone into crafting this master product range which has been built with netball, tennis and hockey in mind. No stone has been left unturned to ensure premium playing conditions for all levels from those starting out to the truly serious.

    Multi Sport with its 19mm pile has been made with your sporting type in mind so the line markings are already in place saving time and expense when it is installed. The benefit of this is that it is ready for play when you are.

    This product is available on order only. Please click the following button to submit your requirements.


    $28.70 $25.83/ Sq m


    This product has been designed with residential courts in mind where your court can be the gem of the backyard and the envy of the neighbourhood. You are a client that clearly desires the best.

    Multiplay has a short 19mm densely stitched pile which makes it the ideal choice not only for domestic use but forms part of the playground range. (3.7 sq. metres) and then increments of 0.1 lineal metres.

    This product is available on order only. Please click the following button to submit your requirements.


    $40.00 $36.00/ Sq m


    At 19mm Tennis Court is a longer pile tennis surface with excellent spin and grip properties making it an excellent choice for home or medium level club use.

    If you already have an existing court surface in place this is certainly no obstacle for the experienced Eco Lawn team. The existing surface will be prepared accordingly and Tennis Court will be unfurled over it. Because this product has been manufactured with all line markings in place, once laid play can commence. It is as simple as that. Your time is important to us so we ensure that our products match your lifestyle.lineal metres.

    This product is available on order only. Please click the following button to submit your requirements.