Artificial Grass for Schools

Eco Lawn has a wealth of experience working with schools. And we start each job knowing how important it is to provide high quality playing, sports and recreation areas for the students and staff.

Artificial grass is a superb option for school lawns because it provides a safe, durable & low maintenance surface for students to play and learn on. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not require frequent watering, mowing, or fertilizing, which can save time and money for the school. It also stays green and plush all year round, providing a consistent and attractive surface for outdoor activities. In addition, artificial grass has a soft and cushioning surface that reduces the risk of injuries from falls or sports activities. Overall, artificial grass is a smart and sustainable choice for school lawns.

Needless to say, Eco Lawn’s artificial grass is completely safe. It has been rigorously tested and because it’s manufactured in Australia, it has the strength to stand up to the New Zealand weather conditions.

Why Eco Lawn?

  • Tidy up unsightly areas
  • No more muddy surfaces
  • No more uneven/bumpy ground
  • Soft and safe for kids
  • Create more usable space



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