Eco Lawn Services Residential
Artificial Grass for Lawn

Artificial grass has come a long way over the years. In fact, today’s artificial grass products look and feel very much like a real, growing lush lawn. But that great look is just part of the appeal – there are plenty of other reasons to install an artificial grass lawn.

First, having an Eco Lawn fits perfectly with a busy lifestyle – because quite simply you don’t have to spend your spare time mowing, weeding or line trimming. And there’s no need to trim edges, add fertilisers or water when the weather has been dry.

If you have children, you’ll also be able to forget about muddy gumboots or shoes coming through the house – Eco Lawns are mud-free! And because your finished lawn is all nice and even, the kids will get more enjoyment running around, kicking balls, playing games etc etc.

Why have Eco Lawn at home?

  • Zero maintenance
  • Looks amazing
  • No mud, no mess
  • Great for the kids to play on
  • Adds potential value to a home