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Fake Grass for Playgrounds

For playgrounds, having low maintenance, non-abrasive surfaces provides numerous benefits. Safety is the obvious one. And when playgrounds and childcare facilities require critical fall height protection, soft fall materials can be covered by our Eco Lawn artificial grass. Not only will it help make these areas safer, but they’ll also look great and they’re a cost effective and and long lasting solution.

Why play on Eco Lawn?

  • Soft fall base reduces injuries
  • All weather surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Hygienic no-dirt surface
  • Maximise use of available space
  • Looks amazing



    $50.50 $45.45/ Sq m


    The product on offer here is City Leisure which has a15mm non-directional pile that allows it to be dense and firm. This type of construction allows this versatile product to be an ideal surface for various uses.

    It will add a splash of green to your balcony or patio whilst being a comfortable all-weather surface. It can be cut to allow for pipes and other barriers to form a seamless floor that looks as though it has been made especially for the area.


    $28.70 $25.83/ Sq m


    This product has been designed with residential courts in mind where your court can be the gem of the backyard and the envy of the neighbourhood. You are a client that clearly desires the best.

    Multiplay has a short 19mm densely stitched pile which makes it the ideal choice not only for domestic use but forms part of the playground range. (3.7 sq. metres) and then increments of 0.1 lineal metres.

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