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artificial grass childcare

For playgrounds, having low maintenance, non-abrasive surfaces provides numerous benefits. Safety is the obvious one. And when playgrounds and childcare facilities require critical fall height protection, soft fall materials can be covered by our Eco Lawn artificial grass. Not only will it help make these areas safer, but they’ll also look great and they’re a cost effective and and long lasting solution.

Artificial grass is a fantastic option for playgrounds, providing a safe, durable, and low-maintenance surface for kids to play on. Unlike natural grass, which can become patchy and worn out from constant use, artificial grass stays green and plush all year round without any extra effort. This means: that kids can enjoy a fun & inviting playground no matter what the weather is like. In addition, the soft and cushioning surface of artificial grass reduces the risk of injuries from falls or roughhousing. And because it’s easy to clean and maintain, fake grass is a hygienic and worry-free choice for playgrounds. So why not give your kids a playground they’ll love and give yourself a break from all the maintenance? Go artificial and see the difference for yourself!

Why play on Eco Lawn?

  • Soft fall base reduces injuries
  • All weather surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Hygienic no-dirt surface
  • Maximise use of available space
  • Looks amazing


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