Fake Grass for Childcare Centres

If you are looking for a top-notch artificial grass installation service for a play area, you’ve come to the right place.

Artificial grass is a fantastic option for kindergardens! First of all, it’s soft and safe for little ones to play on. No more worrying about rough surfaces or uneven patches of grass that can trip them up. Plus, artificial grass is always a lush, green color, so it’s visually appealing and provides a nice setting for imaginative play. And best of all, it’s low maintenance! No need to worry about mowing, watering, or dealing with pests. With artificial grass, kindergardens can focus on providing a fun and nurturing environment for their students.

Eco Lawn have a soft fall solution for EC centres that is designed to meet New Zealand safety regulations, withstand New Zealand’s climatic extremes and provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment for children. It is also designed to withstand years of punishment by lots of little feet. And on top of that Softfall base sits Eco Lawn artificial grass – nice, neat and low maintenance.

Why play on Eco Lawn?

  • Soft fall base reduces injuries
  • All weather surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Hygienic no-dirt surface
  • Maximise use of available space
  • Looks amazing


  • Prime 40

    $67.90 $58.90/ Sq m


    A premium quality and very natural-looking four-tone artificial grass product.

    Picture a freshly mown lawn densely packed with heavenly, evergreen blades and you are picturing Prime 40. The satisfying feeling that comes with a grass scape of newly mown grass but without the hours of work that comes with the mowing, edging, watering, and fertilising to get it looking that lush and oh-so green.

  • Lush 35 v4

    $50.90/ Sq m


    Our most luscious green product with a generous 35mm pile height. Lush 35 is popular with those looking for a quality product without breaking the bank. 

    Despite being one of our most cost-effective offerings Lush 35 still looks as though it has been lovingly maintained to within every inch of its life. Every generous blade offers a long, dense two-tone weave. It is green, it is lush and designed to be lounged upon.

  • Summer 35 v5

    $55.90/ Sq m


    Summer 35 is the epitome of the sun-kissed lawn and the summer that will never end.