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Rock FM – Morning Rumble on the Artificial

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It’s not a done thing in kiwi nature and certainly not a ‘bloke thing to do’ to decide to rip up one’s lawn and replace it with artificial. It’s an expected weekend ritual no matter how time poor one is to reluctantly drag one’s mower from the dark recesses of where it was shoved last time and resentfully push it up and down one’s personal plot otherwise known as the backyard. In fact, if your backyard happens to be smaller than your co-host’s you are most certainly up for ridicule on national radio.

Andrew Mulligan one of the three presenters of the Morning Rumble team from the Mainstream rock music station Rock FM dropped a bombshell during ‘Lawn Chat’ that his lawn had been ripped out and it was to be replaced with artificial grass which had his co-hosts, Roger Farrelly and Bryce Casey braying with laughter.

“Mulls is so lazy he is such a slug that he has ripped out his lawn and replaced it with a fake lawn so he never has to cut it again”

“Who has a fake lawn? no one gets a fake lawn – Mulls does!”

He got sick of doing his lawn or actually getting someone else to do it that he hired our very own Eco Lawn team, a trusted NZ Company with a great ‘no cowboys rating’ to rip up his grass (all 11 metres of it if his co-hosts were to be believed). He proceeded to show a picture of the now barren landscape.

“I have done that, got the grass ripped up and it looks like a desert”

Ignoring the ignoramuses close by Mulls forged on, undeterred in an effort to quell the braying beasts.

“Come over, take your shoes off and have a walk on it, cos Eco Lawn is great”

Like any good story, there is a brilliant ending. Andrew finally got his own back on a crisp winter’s morning on 9 August 2018 when Andy Ellis a former All Black and halfback with the Crusaders appeared on the show. With his rugby career now behind him he now can be found pottering around backyards, quite the knowledgeable type about landscaping and proud author of Kiwi Backyard.

The conversation naturally turned to the quintessential ‘Kiwi ¼ acre’ and the inevitable topic of Mulls and his ‘fake’ grass was guffawed over once more. Andrew still was incredibly impressed by his artificial transformation boasted about his lawn and how good it looked. The raucous laughter abruptly halted when a photo was shown of his backyard in all of its lush, decadent glory, there was no more braying to be had. The boys were proven wrong because when it comes to low maintenance backyards artificial is the best.

Be like Andrew Mulligan, be a celebrity, stand by what is right by transporting your backyard into something to boast about with the Eco Lawn touch.
Picture Courtesy – Rock FM

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