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Why Artificial Grass for Residential?

We recognise the struggle of persistently tending to a conventional lawn to ensure it remains appealing and functional in all weather conditions, throughout the year.

We understand your desire to craft a safe and enjoyable backyard oasis for your family, pets, guests and even for leisure activities like backyard golfing and sports.

As specialists in artificial grass installation, our products surpass standard artificial turf and fake grass alternatives, thanks to their authentic look and feel.

Explore how our synthetic grass is revolutionising the lawn care experience for homeowners across New Zealand, enhancing their outdoor spaces and reducing the burden of maintenance.

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The Upsides of Artificial Grass

No Mud, No Mow No Fuss

No Mud, No Mow No Fuss

Say farewell to muddy paws and footprints in your home. Retire the lawnmower and reclaim your time with a durable synthetic turf that’s perfect for year-round family and pet use.
Immaculate Presentation

Immaculate Presentation

Forget the artificial turf you skinned your knees on as a kid. Eco Lawn’s lush synthetic grass mirrors your dream lawn, available in a variety of vibrant colours, always maintaining its striking aesthetic appeal.
All-Season Fun

Fun All-Year-Round

Say goodbye to soggy winter lawns or dry, dusty summer yards. Upgrade to our plush synthetic turf, perfect for relaxation, play, and gatherings, no matter the season.
Non-toxic Eco Friendly

Safe and Eco-friendly

Eco Lawn is non-toxic and NZ’s first fully recyclable artificial grass, ensuring safety for your family and pets while being kind to the planet. No mowing, no petrol. No watering, no hoses. Absolutely no toxic chemicals.
All-weather Performance

All-Weather Performance

Eco Lawn’s artificial grass systems are permeable and drain at a rate of 120 litres per m2 per minute, handling Auckland’s heavy rain. Our turf products come with a unique green coating to minimise summer heat.
Buy Once Buy Right

Buy Once Buy Right

Eco Lawn offers complete supply and installation services with guaranteed quality. Our artificial grass products come with a 10 year residential product warranty, ensuring peace of mind and years of enjoyment.

Artificial Turf Installation Specialists

New Zealanders are famous for their knack for DIY, and many of our customers opt to undertake the artificial turf installation themselves. Nevertheless, for those who prefer a professional hand, we also offer a budget-friendly and effective artificial grass fitting service.

Eco Lawn distinguishes itself from conventional astro turf and other synthetic grass choices in NZ – it requires minimal upkeep and is designed to endure diverse weather conditions for extended durability. Artificial grass grants year-round allure without the necessity for additional landscaping, hydration, or trimming. It’s apt for numerous uses, including backyard sports areas, pet-friendly spaces, putting greens, decking, and home gardens. Our exclusive synthetic turf is also superb for backyard tennis courts.

With superior artificial grass like Eco Lawn, concerns such as watering, discoloured grass, or bare patches become irrelevant. Moreover, there’s no requirement to spend on expensive pesticides, fertilisers, or upkeep tools (you can finally hang up your lawnmower!). Eco Lawn is the optimal solution for busy individuals desiring a stunning backyard without dedicating significant time to maintenance.

Artificial Grass Installation Experts

With high-quality artificial grass like Eco Lawn, you won’t have to worry about issues such as watering, burnt grass, or bald patches. Plus, there’s no need to spend money on costly pesticides, fertilisers, or maintenance equipment (you can finally retire your lawn mower!). Eco Lawn is the ultimate solution for busy individuals who desire a beautiful garden without dedicating much time to maintenance.

Enhance Your Outdoor Environment

While artificial grass installation may appear daunting, our proficient team at Eco Lawn will craft an artificial lawn that resembles the look and texture of real grass. Synthetic turf is an exceptional choice for homes with pets. Dogs are infamous for ruining lawns, digging holes, and leaving discoloured patches in gardens. Homeowners often face challenges maintaining a beautiful garden when pets are continuously creating havoc and spreading muddy paw prints everywhere. Artificial lawns offer an appealing solution for those with pets, allowing for adequate drainage of pet urine and deterring digging, resulting in a satisfied pet and a spotless lawn. It’s a win-win!

If you’re contemplating artificial grass installation in NZ, get in touch with our team at Eco Lawn. We’re delighted to offer a warranty, ensuring you receive the top-tier artificial turf and expert service you deserve. Contact us today to bring your dream garden to life and request a complimentary quote for your Eco Lawn fitting.

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Happy customers

Sophie Burnside

"I found the team to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, fast, and easy to deal with. Our lawn turned out better than we could have imagined! Wish we had done it ages ago. It has made such a difference to our property."

Sophie Burnside

Hobsonville, Auckland

Dani Payne

"We absolutely love our artificial lawn! It has transformed our backyard into a useable space and we love how clean and perfect it looks 24/7. We are surprised how much bigger the backyard looks now! The team was polite, knowledgeable, and great to deal with. Thanks again!"

Dani Payne

Orewa, Auckland


"It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your team. I’m looking forward to our next project."


Massey University, Albany Campus


How much does artificial grass cost?

Please feel free to use our online quote calculator to give you a ballpark figure to have synthetic turf installed or visit our online store for pricing and purchase options if you wish to buy synthetic turf online and have it delivered to you.

High quality artificial grass is priced per square metre (m2). Prices typically vary between $46 – $86 per m2 + GST depending on the product.

Please note: while artificial grass is priced per m2, it is sold per lineal metre. One lineal metre equals 1m x (roll width). Generally (there are exceptions), our products are 3.7m wide. That means one lineal metre of a 3.7m wide product equals 3.7m2.

The approximate cost to supply and install Artificial Grass professionally in 30-100m2 areas is:

  • Installation on an already prepared aggregate base, concrete, patio, deck or balcony = $80 to $130 + GST per m2
  • Installation from an existing real grass lawn (i.e. excavate up to 90mm of soil, apply up to 100mm of premium aggregate and compact to approximately 80mm, supply and installation of artificial grass) = $105 to150 + GST per m2 
  • Small areas (under 30m2) cost approximately $150-$300 + GST per m2

As a price comparison, Eco Lawn is more per m2 than a living lawn up front but will save thousands in ongoing maintenance and time. An installed Eco Lawn per m2, costs approximately the same as paving and half that of Kwila decking.

Variables that impact the cost of an artificial grass installation:

  • The shape of the area
  • The synthetic turf product type
  • Site location & access
  • Technicality of installation (e.g. cutting in around paving stones, or cutting around difficult edging)
  • Timber edging / containment requirements
  • Substrate preparation / volume of dig out or aggregate required
  • Drainage requirements

How long does artificial grass last?

Our artificial grass products have warranty periods of between 7-15 years. See our terms and conditions for more warranty information.

Regardless of the warranty period, with regular maintenance, our artificial grass products can last between 10 to 20 years.

The life of artificial grass broadly depends on the quality of the product, the environment it’s exposed to and how it’s used. 

Factors contributing to the life of artificial grass products:

  • UV stability: Eco Lawn has the highest level UV stabiliser of any products on the NZ market. This means our products do not prematurely discolour.
  • Primary backing: Eco Lawn has Double PP Cloth, is UV Protected to 200g/m2. Most competitors are using Woven Polypropylene and only UV Protected to 141g/m2.
  • Secondary backing: Eco Lawn uses a proprietary 100% recyclable but ultra durable, industrial grade secondary backing. Other products on the market use weaker, moisture/urine/bacteria absorbent SBR Latex (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). Contact us to see test results on the difference between SBR latex and our industrial grade secondary backing material.
  • Dtex: Dtex is the thickness of the yarn blades in artificial grass products. The thicker the yarn the more durable the product.
  • Stitch Rate: The higher the stitch rate, the more durable the product. A high dtex normally reduces the ability to have a high stitch rate. However, despite our products having a high dtex we have increased the stitch rate of our products to be close to the maximum possible.

Is artificial grass permeable (free-draining)?

Yes. Our artificial grass products are free-draining (permeable) with our landscape products holding an osmosis rating of 7200 litres per hour per m2.

Permeability of artificial grass also depends on the drainage ability of the base course it’s installed on. More information on our installation process can be seen here.

Can dogs pee and poo on artificial grass? Is Eco Lawn pet friendly?

Yes, dogs can do their business on artificial grass. Eco Lawn products are some of the best when it comes to pets, because:

  • Eco Lawn products are free-draining and non-absorbent which means urine doesn’t get absorbed by the grass and start to smell. 
  • Eco Lawn is easy to clean. Dog poo can be picked up as usual and disposed of. The synthetic turf can be hosed off but for best results Eco Lawn supplies a turf enzyme cleaner that is perfect for managing bacteria and odour caused by pet pee and poo.
  • Eco Lawn materials are 100% non-toxic.
  • Eco Lawn uses a proprietary 100% recyclable but ultra-durable, industrial grade secondary backing. Other products on the market use weaker, moisture/urine/bacteria absorbent SBR Latex (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). The extra durability means it’s great for pets. Contact us to see test results on the difference between SBR latex and our industrial grade secondary backing material.
  • For extra strength we can install a timber plinth around the perimeter. A timber plinth is a commercial style installation method used for securing the artificial grass to the substrate making it very hard to pull up. This method of installation is more robust than standard residential installation. This can be a great option for a household with lots of pets. 

Is artificial grass non-toxic and child friendly?

All of our products are 100% non-toxic and child friendly. Children are safe to roll around and play on an Eco Lawn and enjoy the surface to its full extent!

Some artificial grass companies construct and/or install their products using toxic materials. Eco Lawn products do not contain any of the following:

  • Traces of lead, mercury, cadmium.
  • SBR Latex (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). This latex, a common secondary backing material, is used in almost all New Zealand artificial grass products. The manufacture of synthetic rubber involves chemical compounds toxic to humans. Official data does, however, state that SBR Latex in its final state is non-toxic.
  • Rubber infill granules derived from old tyres. Rubber crumb or granules contain heavy metals, potentially cancer-causing compounds and chemicals which we know very little about. Although debate has centred on whether exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer, there is growing evidence that it can affect early puberty, obesity, and children’s attention spans.

Is Artificial Grass recyclable?

  • Eco Lawn was the first artificial grass company in New Zealand to transition from non-recyclable to recyclable products. We currently recycle a portion of our off-cuts and our commitment is to make all of Eco Lawn products entirely recycled.
  • Click to see a video explaining the recycling process and more information regarding recycling of our products.
  • Most New Zealand based competitors use SBR Latex as a secondary backing material. Products that have a SBR Latex backing material cannot be recycled in their entirety and it is very difficult to separate the yarn from the backing material which makes recycling .

Is there a downside to artificial grass?

Food gardens and forests are the very best use of green space, ecologically speaking. But that’s not realistic for everyone or every situation. Eco Lawn doesn’t need water, which means no plastic hose, no fertilisers, no pressure on our water tables. It also doesn’t need mowing, so that’s one less lawn mower needed for every site. Less petrol, less oil, less plastic and metal used to make them and less transport costs of those things.

Eco Lawn isn’t great for bees. But neither is a lawn that is kept short. Bees need flowers. Let’s all plant flowers, regardless of what type of lawn we have.

Can you install artificial grass inside?

Yes, Eco Lawn artificial grass products can be installed inside in most cases. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a design library for landscapers and architects?

Yes. Architects and Landscapers can access our library of 3D CAD designs and 2D specifications including best practice installation methods.

Please contact us for access to our library of CAD drawings, 2D sections and samples for your client.

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