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Experience our high-quality artificial grass products firsthand and see the beauty and functionality they can bring to your space.

We understand that it’s difficult to choose or even consider artificial grass products without seeing it. That’s why we offer free samples of our products delivered directly to you, to assess the premium look and feel of our synthetic grass.

Our products are:

– Low maintenance
– Non-toxic: Safe for children and your pets
– Used in residential and commercial application
– Designed specifically for NZ weather and climate
– UV stabilized to protect from discolouration and degradation
– In-line with all council requirements
– Permeable and free draining (120L per min, per m2)
– 100% recyclable

Samples are easy to order, you’ll just need to complete the form below. Choose which product from our range, that will be perfectly suited for your space, use, and style.

Our artificial grass products also come with a minimum 7-year warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected for years to come.

At Eco Lawn, we take pride in providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right product for your space, our team is always ready to help.

Residential Artificial Grass
Residential Artificial Grass
Residential Artificial Grass
Residential Artificial Grass
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Artificial Grass Products Often Used

Families are typically looking for natural-looking artificial grass that is comfortable, durable, non-toxic, & compliant…


Prime 40

Are you seeking a premium, low-maintenance, and visually stunning lawn solution for your home or commercial property? Look no further! Eco Lawn's Prime 40 - Artificial Grass is the answer to your landscaping dreams. Featuring a unique 6-tone colour weave, this darker green artificial grass with an approximately 50/50 green-brown blend of colours exudes natural appeal.


Lush 35

Are you tired of fighting a never-ending battle against Mother Nature to keep your lawn immaculate? Well, Eco Lawn's Lush 35 - Artificial Grass is the answer to your prayers! This splendid product will revamp your residential garden into a luxurious, green haven, perfect for young children and kind to the environment. Lush 35 is a synthetic rendition of Fine Fescue ready lawn, featuring a 35mm pile height and an impressive stitch rate of 14/10cm, leaving your neighbours green-eyed!


Summer 35

Are you tired of the never-ending struggle to keep your lawn looking picture-perfect? Say hello to Eco Lawn's Summer 35 - Artificial Grass, a durable and eco-friendly alternative that will turn your residential backyard, childcare centre, school, or commercial space into an inviting, green oasis. Inspired by Tall Fescue, ready lawn grass, Summer 35 boasts a 35mm pile height and a high stitch rate of 15/10cm, ensuring a lush and long-lasting lawn that will leave everyone impressed.


Pro Putt 16

Welcome to the world of Eco Lawn's Pro Putt 16 - Artificial Grass / Sports Turf, where exceptional quality meets unmatched performance. Transform your backyard into a golfer's paradise with this fantastic product designed to cater to various applications. Pro Putt 16 is a true powerhouse among artificial grass products. With its remarkable durability and extremely high stitch rate, this sports turf ensures a reliable and authentic ball roll, making it an outstanding choice for golf enthusiasts.

The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

No Mud, No Mow No Fuss

No Mud, No Mow No Fuss

Say goodbye to muddy foot (and paw) prints. Sell the mower and take your Sunday mornings back with a durable fake grass surface the whole family can enjoy all year-round.
Immaculate Presentation

Immaculate Presentation

Forget the artificial turf you skinned your knees on as a kid. Eco Lawn’s lush synthetic grass looks and feels like the lawn of your dreams and it always looks amazing!
All-Season Fun

All-Season Fun

No more winter bogs or patchy dry summer lawns. Upgrade to a lush synthetic turf surface perfect for relaxation, play and performance no matter the season.
Non-toxic Eco Friendly

Non-toxic Eco Friendly

Non-toxic and NZ’s first 100% recyclable artificial grass means Eco Lawn is safe for your family (dogs included) and easy on the planet. No mower, no petrol or oil. No watering, no plastic hose or irrigation system. No toxic fertilisers.
All-weather Performance

All-weather Performance

Eco Lawns synthetic grass systems are deemed permeable and drain at 120 litres per m2, per minute to handle Auckland’s heavy rain. Turf products are backed with an innovative green coating to minimise heat in the summer.
Buy Once Buy Right

Buy Once Buy Right

Eco Lawn provides full end-to-end supply and installation services with guaranteed workmanship. Our artificial turf products hold a 10-15 year product guarantee to give you peace of mind and full enjoyment for years to come.

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We can create artificial grass solutions for:

Residential Property | Commercial Developments | Sports Courts | Playgrounds | Early Childhood Education Centres (ECEs) | Golf Putting Greens | Swimming Pools and Spa Pools | Industry professionals (Architects | Landscapers | Landscape Designers)

We provide top-quality, long-lasting, and eco-friendly artificial grass options at competitive prices. Our expertise spans a diverse range of projects, from cozy backyards to soft fall playgrounds to expansive sports turf facilities.

Eco Lawn is your comprehensive solution for the supply, installation, and maintenance of artificial grass.

Complete the form or give us a call at 0800 002 648 , and our team of professionals will guide you in selecting the most suitable artificial grass samples tailored to your requirements.

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