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Ready Lawn (Available Grass Types)

Tall Fescue, Ready Lawn, Readylawn, Lawn, Grass, Turf

Tall Fescue

This is a medium blend with a dark green colour.
It’s ideal in high use areas or areas with some shade.
Tall Fescue is our company favourite because of it’s robust nature.

Tall Fescue is a C3 plant type which means it prefers a cooler climate.

Rye / Fescue, Ready Lawn, Readylawn, Lawn, Grass, Turf

Rye / Fescue

This is a fine blend with a soft green colour and a silk like appearance.
Ideal for general use or as a show lawn when well manicured.
80% Rye / 20% Fescue

Super Green is a C3 plant type which means it prefers a cooler climate.

People We Work With

Ready Lawn, Readylawn, Lawn, Grass, Turf, Installed, AucklandReady Lawn is Locally Farmed!

Our instant lawn comes in 2.2metres long x 450mm wide and approx 15mm-20mm deep rolls of fresh, strong grass ready for collection or delivered for a satisfying DIY task or let the friendly Eco Lawn team do it all for you and let the fruits of our labour become your personal lush, green, natural landscape.

Our quality instant turf is nurtured in a local turf farm before being freshly harvested in time for installation and not a moment sooner for optimal adaptation to its new home and intensifying customer satisfaction.

At Eco Lawn we pride ourselves on ensuring our Readylawn product is clean and most importantly weed-free

Be rest assured that Eco Lawn will only bring you the best. 

For any questions or if you would like to book a no-obligation, free quote please contact our friendly team on 0800 002 648.

Ready Lawn, Readylawn, Lawn, Grass, Turf, InstallationHow To Install Ready Lawn?

  1. Clear the site of all debris

  2. Kill existing lawn and regrowth with broad spectrum herbicide.  For best results follow up two weeks later to target potentially missed areas.

  3. Cultivate your soil to a debt of 100mm using a rotary hoe.  For small indentations top up with top soil and for bigger areas use Gap 40 aggregate.
  4. Compact with a roller 40-60mm of lawn mix.

  5. Screed with a rake for final surface prep.  Make sure the level is at least 15mm beneath any existing paths or concrete edges because upon installation your ready lawn will be built up to sit above these.

  6. For best results install Ready Lawn as soon as you can.  In the warmer months it will need to be stored under shade and kept moist.

    Install along the longest straight line, tightly pushing the edges against each other avoiding overlaps or gaps.

    Stagger joins in a brick like manner using a sharp knife to trim corners

    Lay boards across Ready Lawn as you work to avoid footprint and other indentations.

    In sloping areas, start from the bottom and work your way up.
  7. You are so close to the end!  Now it is time to tamp down your Ready Lawn to ensure that your turf comes in contact with the soil.
  8. If trimming is required – use a sharp knife for best results.
  9. Don’t delay with watering!  This is usually recommended within 30 minutes of laying your turf and about 30mm of water should suffice.  Water daily (or more often in dry weather) for two weeks until Ready Lawn has firmly taken root then it is less frequent depending on the weather.  Ensure areas where heat is reflected off buildings get extra water to prevent them from drying out.
  10. Go over the entire area with a roller to ensure optimum turf to soil contact and the removal of any air pockets.
Ready Lawn, Readylawn, Instant Lawn, Instant Turf, Roll Out Lawn

How Much Does Ready Lawn Cost?

Ready Lawn price works out at approximately $35 + GST per m2 installed which includes the following:

  • Ready Lawn supply & installation.Ground preparation:
    • Spray current ground cover if required.
    • Work the ground to loosen current soil.
    • Spread approx 20mm of Lawnmix.
    • Screed area to a fine finish.
    • Apply slow release fertiliser.
    • Roll lawnmix to compact prior to installation.
    • Install Ready Lawn.
    • Roll surface of Ready Lawn to ensure optimum turf to soil contact.

If we have to build up an area we charge as follows:

  • Gap40: $191 + GST per m3
  • Top Soil: $191 + GST per m3
  • Lawn Mix: $191 + GST per m3

If we have to remove clean fill from an area we charge as follows:

  • Between $191 and $250 + GST per m2


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