Eco Lawn Landscaping Quiet contemplation towards the Artificial

Quiet contemplation towards the Artificial

Residential Artificial Grass

The depths of winter have recently passed, the other side looking tentatively hopeful. The days are getting longer bringing with it a hint of change, the possibility of warmth is forming a mere bud in one’s mind, the misery of winter ailments soon to be a distant memory. Spring is eagerly anticipated, bright and fresh the promise of warmer weather and new life.

Winter, where nature lays dormant, new growth halted, waiting for the right moment to burst forth. The grass waits. Its growth has been slow, making its carer lazy, the comforting warmth indoors winning out over the relentless dreariness of winter, the backyard toil delegated to yet another day that often never comes. But with more wet days than dry, sparkling frost blanketing the ground rendering it crunchy underfoot, hard to dry in the watery winter sun, the bite of the cold, forgiveness is easy.

The winter months have been unforgivingly coupled with patchy care at best, the grass looks unkept, uniform lines are forgotten. Water pooling where drainage is poor, muddy areas where there are no paths. The backyard looks a right fright.

The final four weeks are slow, a test of patience for most. The grass waits.

Spring has sprung! Bountiful buds burst into blossom; the beaming sun is edging closer, the comforting warmth envelopes of all that basks in its rays. The grass no longer waits.

Three months is a very long time for the fidgeting grass it has been built for growth, slumber now over it now eagerly bursts forth in all directions catching the lethargic gardener unaware. The reluctant mower soon dragged from its hibernation, sourly starting with a smoky roar. The weekly drudge of backyard care is essential to hold back the insistent jungle-like growth.

The grass needs nutrients, fertiliser is a must, the trappings of natural grass care have firmly come home to roost, no time for ambivalence, so get off your backside and grab your lawn care gear before your lawn overcomes you.

The seeds of change are forming in the mind, once a seed now taking root. Time is precious and not to be squandered, the shed packed to its gunnels with pricey products designed to keep the lawn in check and grassy green to boot. There is the ‘you beaut’ mower, the cord eating edger, let us not forget the weekly removal of green waste. The thought of all that palaver is draining.

What about ripping it all up? Be gone the lawn that knows no boundaries, muddy puddles and patchy parts. Fight the burgeoning growth of spring.

You deserve a lawn that looks great with minimal care, the drains well with a uniform colour that is pleasing to the eye. Eco Lawn can give you a backyard to be proud of and to match whatever look and feel you would like to achieve. There is a quality artificial grass type just for you.

Fight the galloping growth of spring; make your time your own. Do you think that your precious downtime deserves the Eco Lawn touch?

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