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  • Prime 40

    $67.90 $58.90/ Sq m


    A premium quality and very natural-looking four-tone artificial grass product.

    Picture a freshly mown lawn densely packed with heavenly, evergreen blades and you are picturing Prime 40. The satisfying feeling that comes with a grass scape of newly mown grass but without the hours of work that comes with the mowing, edging, watering, and fertilising to get it looking that lush and oh-so green.

  • Lush 35 v4

    $50.90/ Sq m


    Our most luscious green product with a generous 35mm pile height. Lush 35 is popular with those looking for a quality product without breaking the bank. 

    Despite being one of our most cost-effective offerings Lush 35 still looks as though it has been lovingly maintained to within every inch of its life. Every generous blade offers a long, dense two-tone weave. It is green, it is lush and designed to be lounged upon.

  • Summer 35 v5

    $55.90/ Sq m


    Summer 35 is the epitome of the sun-kissed lawn and the summer that will never end.