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  • Geotek Cloth (4M x 50M)

    $690.00 incl. GST

    Optimise Your Ground Preparation Easily

    The Geotek Cloth (4M x 50M) by Eco Lawn is an engineered fabric designed for effective ground stabilisation and drainage. It’s an essential product to optimise your artificial grass installation, offering a robust layer of containment between the sub-soil and aggregate substrate, which also reduces the amount of aggregate needed.

    Transform Your Landscape with Geotek Cloth

  • Gap 7 Aggregate (1M3)

    $199.00 incl. GST

    Foundation for Perfect Artificial Turf

    Our Gap 7 Aggregate (1M3) is a free-draining, compactable substrate, ideal as a final layer beneath artificial grass. The largest particles being 7mm, this malleable material compacts to form a smooth, solid surface, perfect for artificial grass installations. Also known as a dynamic base or crusher dust base metal, Gap 7 Aggregate is the most common artificial grass substrate material, providing superior erosion resistance and containment between sub-soil and turf.

    A Quality Start with Gap 7 Aggregate

  • Gap 20 Aggregate (1M3)

    $199.00 incl. GST

    Superior Substrate for Lush Landscapes

    The Gap 20 Aggregate (1M3), featuring particles no larger than 20mm, is an ideal second layer substrate for artificial grass installations deeper than 100mm. This permeable, compactable substrate, also known as dynamic base or crusher dust base metal, provides an excellent erosion-resistant layer between sub-soil and the Gap 7 layer. Not suitable as a final layer, the Gap 20 Aggregate is a commonly used and versatile artificial grass substrate material that ensures optimal turf results.

    Building Strong Foundations with Gap 20 Aggregate

  • Gap 40 Aggregate (1M3)

    $199.00 incl. GST

    Gap 40 Aggregate (1M3) is a substrate material with particles up to 40mm in size, making it ideal for filling large cavities in ground preparation. As a sub-base layer, it offers robust erosion resistance and permeability. The Gap 40 Aggregate, a dynamic base also known as crusher dust base metal, shouldn’t be used as a final layer, given the large particle size, which might affect the turf’s final appearance.

    Fortifying Your Landscape with Gap 40 Aggregate

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