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  • Turf Enzyme Cleaner (1L)

    $114.99 incl. GST

    The perfect weapon in the fight against bacteria and odour caused by pet urine and poo.
    This unit comes in a 1Ltr concentrate that goes a long way!

    Simply dilute in water as follows:

    General use = 20:1 (50mls to 1L)


    Heavy Use = 10:1 (100ml to 1L)

    Application instructions:

    • Ideally, purchase a new/uncontaminated weed sprayer and mix the solution then spray generously on the turf and let sit for 20mins then wash away with water.
    • Repeat the above method up to three times consecutively for problematic areas.
    • Once an area has had a good dose of Turf Enzyme spray you can reduce the application rate to general use dilution and apply once whenever you notice a bad smell.
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