450 x 45 x 45 H4 Timber Pegs (24)

Landscape Construction Materials

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Sturdy Timber Pegs for Secure Edging

The 450 x 45 x 45 H4 RS Timber Pegs from Eco Lawn offer a robust solution for secure timber edging. These pegs, treated for in-ground use, effectively secure various profiles of timber edging where other fixings are insufficient. They prevent substrate loss, soil contamination, and weed encroachment, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications alike.

Product Description: Grounded Stability: 450 x 45 x 45 H4 RS Timber Pegs

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Enhancing Landscape Stability

When securing various profiles of timber edging, Eco Lawn’s 450 x 45 x 45 H4 RS timber pegs offer an effective solution. These pegs lend stability where other fixings are inadequate, reinforcing your artificial grass installations and maintaining the integrity of your landscape.

Robust and Durable

The dimensions 450 x 45 x 45 signify the timber profile size in millimetres. Each peg is rough sawn, ensuring robustness and durability for long-lasting stability, even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Designed for In-Ground Use

The H4 treatment rating of these timber pegs makes them suitable for in-ground use. The treatment fortifies the timber against decay and pests, promising a secure hold for your edging and a long lifespan for your landscaping project.

Securing Your Landscape

These timber pegs serve as crucial allies in maintaining the pristine condition of your artificial grass. They help prevent substrate loss during heavy rainfall, minimise soil contamination, and reduce the risk of weeds encroaching into the artificial grass zone.

Versatility for Every Project

Whether you are undertaking a residential or commercial landscaping project, these timber pegs prove their worth. They provide steadfast support to various timber profiles, ensuring secure and reliable edging for your artificial grass installations.

Quality You Can Trust

At Eco Lawn, we are dedicated to supplying only the highest quality products. Our 450 x 45 x 45 H4 RS timber pegs reflect this commitment, offering the durability, effectiveness, and reliability that you require for your landscaping needs.

Easy Online Shopping

Browse through our extensive range of landscaping products and order from the comfort of your home. From top-quality artificial grass to timber pegs and other installation materials, find everything you need on our online platform.

In conclusion, the 450 x 45 x 45 H4 RS Timber Pegs are a vital addition to any artificial grass installation. Choose Eco Lawn’s quality pegs and invest in the durability and integrity of your landscaping project.

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*This product is available for collection only from our warehouse.



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