Sap7 Scoria (25KG)

Artificial Golf Turf Cup Installation Materials

$28.99 incl. GST

Enhance Golf Cup Installation Effectively

The Sap7 Scoria from Eco Lawn, is a professional golf turf cup installation material that ensures efficient water drainage away from the cup. The remaining product can be securely stored for multiple applications.

Ensuring Optimal Performance of Your Golf Green

*This product is available for collection only from our warehouse.

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Why Sap7 Scoria?

Installing a putting green cup is a craft that demands precision, and Sap7 Scoria is the professional-grade product that assists in ensuring its optimal performance. Specifically designed for golf turf cup installation, Sap7 Scoria is not just a choice—it’s a commitment to quality.

Superior Drainage for a Pristine Green

A standout feature of Sap7 Scoria is its superior drainage capabilities. This free-draining material effectively moves water away from the cup, helping maintain the integrity of the green and improving the overall playing experience. By eliminating potential water buildup, Sap7 Scoria minimises the risk of damage and maximises the lifespan of your putting green.

Multipurpose and Economical

At Eco Lawn, we understand that our customers seek not only quality but also value. With Sap7 Scoria, you get just that. What you don’t use after your installation stays in the bag, preserved for future applications. This feature makes Sap7 Scoria an economical choice for both residential and commercial customers.

Eco Lawn: Your Partner for Premium Turf Solutions

Eco Lawn is a leading provider of artificial grass products. We are committed to supplying products like Sap7 Scoria to help our customers create the perfect golf green experience. By choosing Eco Lawn, you’re buying artificial grass online from a trusted name that is synonymous with excellence and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Green with Sap7 Scoria

Whether you’re a residential customer looking to enhance your backyard putting green, or a commercial business aiming to provide an exceptional golfing experience for your clients, Sap7 Scoria is an invaluable tool for installing golf turf cups. With its superior drainage properties and multipurpose nature, this product contributes to a pristine and well-maintained green. Experience the Eco Lawn difference with Sap7 Scoria—the essential golf cup installation material.

This item can be purchased as a single unit or in multiples, as indicated above.

We’re always here to lend a hand should you need help with creating your lay plan or estimating the quantity of product or consumables required for your installation.

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*This product is available for collection only from our warehouse.



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