SportMax 18

Robust, Resilient, and Radiant


SportMax 18, a product of Eco Lawn, is an exceptional artificial grass and sports turf specifically tailored for commercial use and multi-sport courts. Characterised by its high-strength yarn and a dtex of 8,900, along with a reduced stitch design for extra sand infill, it offers a durable and rigid surface perfect for numerous sports. SportMax 18, available in vibrant, single-tone colours, has a free-draining and permeable feature that withstands heavy usage. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, it provides a versatile solution for gym surfacing and recreational areas.

Minimum Qty: 4 Sq m

SportMax: The Big Daddy of Artificial Grass and Sports Turf

Hold onto your hats, sports buffs! Eco Lawn brings you SportMax, the artificial turf that’s more commanding than a haka, more reliable than a skipper, and sturdier than a front-row forward.

SportMax: Papa Bear of PowerPlay 13 and PowerPlay 18

SportMax, with its robust physique and commanding presence, could be likened to the head of the PowerPlay family. It’s the dependable patriarch, rocking a high heavy strength yarn and a dtex of 8,900, offering a solidity comparable to a Rugby scrum’s tight formation. Plus, the product stitch is reduced to welcome more sand infill, offering a steadfast and rigid surface ready for any play.

Single Tone, Multiple Strengths

SportMax swaps a two-tone weave for a robust single-tone colour weave, as reliable and resolute as a trusty Number 10. But it doesn’t just talk the talk. The free-draining and permeable structure, alongside an 18mm pile height, is ready to walk the walk. Choose from vibrant colours like Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, or White, and let SportMax add a dash of pizzazz to your sporting dreams.

A Sports Enthusiast’s Best Mate

SportMax is a jack-of-all-trades, catering to commercial setups, multi-sport courts at schools, and heavy-duty commercial applications. It’s your mate on the pitch, perfect for gym surfacing, an ally of dogs, and a great recreational companion. From basketball and cricket to netball and futsal, SportMax has got you covered.

Installation? Piece of Pudding!

Whether it’s concrete, asphalt, tiles, pavers, or decking, SportMax is as adaptable as a winger, ready to sprint, dodge, and dive onto any surface. You can also install it on a waterproof membrane, timber, or compacted crushed rock or crusher dust. Now, that’s versatility for you!

Make a Game-Changing Move with SportMax

Are you ready to ruck and maul with the big boys? Step onto the field with SportMax, and prepare to experience artificial grass and sports turf on a whole new level. So, why wait? Click to buy the best artificial grass products online.
Eco Lawn isn’t just about selling you a product; it’s about elevating your sports experience. So, join the scrum and let’s make the winning play with SportMax!

Full-Time Whistle

Down here in Kiwiland, we know our sports, and we know our turf. SportMax is our tribute to that spirit. It’s not just a product; it’s a promise – a commitment to quality, durability, and an unparalleled sports experience. So, are you ready to max out your game with SportMax?

Rolls ordinarily come in a width of 4 metres, but we offer customisation options to fit your specific needs. Likewise, the length of the rolls can be tailored to your preferences.

As this product is bespoke and manufactured per order, its purchase price is not displayed due to fluctuations related to market dynamics and order volumes. However, we’re more than happy to provide pricing details upon request.

We will also communicate the minimum order quantity upon your request.

For self-installation, the acquisition of additional consumables is essential. We can provide more information on this topic if needed.

We stand ready to assist should you require help in formulating your lay plan or estimating the quantity of product or consumables necessary for your installation.

Please feel free to reach out to us by filling in our Contact Form or by calling us directly on 0800 002 648.

Please be aware that all orders will include a warehouse handling fee which is not included in the displayed price.

This item is available for delivery nationwide.

Kindly understand that Eco Lawn absolves itself of any liability for damages caused to the delivery address that may occur as a result of the delivery process, including the materials being dispensed onto the ground or any potential damage from driving on various surfaces.

In the case where our delivery partner charges extra for delivering to your specific property address, the shipment cost will only cover delivery to your closest depot for collection. Should this unlikely scenario occur, Eco Lawn will reach out to the customer to confirm if depot delivery is agreeable or to determine the extra cost for door-to-door delivery, seeking your acceptance.

Dani Payne

Dani Payne

Location : Orewa, Auckland

Metreage : 70

"We absolutely love our artificial lawn! It has transformed our backyard into a useable space and we love how clean and perfect it looks 24/7. We are surprised how much bigger the backyard looks now! The team was polite, knowledgeable, and great to deal with. Thanks again!"

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