Eco Lawn Landscaping Post Installation capers with artificial grass

Post Installation capers with artificial grass

Residential Artificial Grass

The EcoLawn van beetles down the road, audible yet satisfied sighs emanate from within. It has been yet another successful install. The beaming faces of our clients better than the year of high fives.

The road was long getting to this point. It is simply not the done thing to rip up all that is natural replacing it with artificial. The quintessential Kiwi weekend must see the occupants of any property whinging up and down the front and back yards, bristling with resentment as the blades of the trusty mower bite into the ever growing grass.

The voices of the opinionated that are against are loud and clear, each new installation smashing through the barriers of the norm, slowly silencing the naysayers.

There is no turning back now. What has been done, is done.

The white, French door at the rear speckled with the squashed proboscis of children and adults alike, ankle biters and incessant questioners kept at bay are suddenly free as the doors are flung open.
A feast for the eyes, a sensory experience awaits.

A sea of lush, uniform green, no lumps or bumps, no surprises. Gone is the hole that the ‘damn dog’ dug and the patches of lawn piranhas catching those without footwear out. Just glorious green with seam free endlessness. Artificial grass that will never grow and that is made to do as it is told.

An ideal marriage with natural landscaping breaking through any doubts. The seed of satisfaction is growing in various minds, that maybe, just maybe that their choice was right. Smugness smashing through the last vestiges of doubt.

The eyes have feasted and toes tantalised just enough. Guests are coming, time to show off this splendid new yard, the backyard christening is due to begin.

The trusty bbq is wheeled on out, its users safe in the knowledge that any greasy stains can easily be washed off and artificial grass is heat resistant. Picnic blankets are unfurled, seating snapped into position. The backyard is a happy place.

Nicely arranged nibblies make their appearance, and misery surrounds the dog that is tied up. The cheerful clink of glasses, ohs and ahs in various timbres as the guests multiply. Their disbelief over all that’s artificial cements further that the decision to replace was right.

Imprisoning footwear is abandoned to revel in the delightful sensation beneath one’s feet of the grass that is now all artificial. Disbelief is clear in collective faces.

Several delightful hours later and the last of the guests leave, seeds of change slowly forming in their minds that maybe their property’s future could be an artificial one.

A simple hose down is all that remains to be done, a quick clean up does nothing to dampen the post-party glow. In no time at all, it looks as though there was no party at all.

Let’s all change what is considered the ‘norm’ to the artificial grass that comes with having the EcoLawn touch.

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