Eco Lawn Landscaping Pops of Green from the lawn of eternal life

Pops of Green from the lawn of eternal life

Residential Artificial Grass

If only Donald Elbert, James Faria and Robert Wright the inventors of the short pile, AstroTurf in 1965 knew that the product that they had created mainly for sporting purposes would eventually evolve into the lush, deceptively natural, perennial green that is artificial grass of today. Not only is there sports turf but soft fall varieties for play and artificial grass for both indoor and outdoor use in a domestic or commercial application.

EcoLawn wasted no time in ensuring the natural evolution of artificial grass by meeting customer needs with numerous quality artificial grass products that exceed expectations coupled with personalised and trusted advice plus the provision of a professional installation service. Through doing this EcoLawn ensures the future of artificial grass as a viable choice in our ever-changing modern world.

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Artificial grass, unlike natural grass, is designed to work with you and whatever you desire in your backyard landscaping choices. It is not a one size fits all product; with a range of gorgeous varieties, there will be a type that will meet individual tastes and budget.

Gone are the days of lawn being the main choice of landscaping with some flower beds here and there and the all-important rectangular vege garden looking like a postage stamp firmly stuck in the backyard. A few impersonal concrete paths creating decisive divisions with the ever-suffering gunmetal grey clothesline, the unofficial choice of play equipment for generations proudly taking centre stage.

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Artificial grass is produced for those who have a backyard vision and even if your vision is somewhat dimmed that is where EcoLawn can help to bring out the best with the creation of an aesthetically pleasing but functional backyard masterpiece that is low maintenance and will look as though it has burst forth from one of those glossy coffee table magazines.

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We are talking discs, swirls, puddles and splashes of various shades of soothing green accentuated with eye-popping pavers creating curvaceous lines with a range of landscaping products putting the wonder into your wonderful backyard. Coupled with the meticulous or haphazard placement of plants, palms and pittosporums, spots festooned with flowers, natural products are permissible too.

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Artificial grass comes with yet another benefit and that is backyards can be created for those who have some time to quietly potter to those that only have time to admire with every type in between. Whatever type you are EcoLawn can create a scene for you.

Does your backyard deserve to break all rules with the EcoLawn touch?

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