Eco Lawn Landscaping Perfect Poolscapes with Artificial Grass

Perfect Poolscapes with Artificial Grass

Residential Artificial Grass

The backyard pool – the pristine puddle of perfection with silken hues of blue. The Siren of the backyard enticing those who seek respite. A haven for the hot and bothered, escape from the punishing sun, cares just float away.

But hark! What mars this beauty the epitome of all things cool? The blot on the landscape of aquatic perfection. The culprit being the dated, chlorine discoloured pavers that heat up hotter than the iron sands of Piha. The trip and slip hazard the cause of many a bruised bottom with a healthy side of damaged ego.

The alopecia of the herbaceous kind created by generous helpings of chlorine-treated water generated by happy pool play. Tufts of uneven growth, the creation of small dusty bowls – the pox of the pool area that no amount of poolside loungers or carefully arranged towels can hide.

The grass clippings introduced with a healthy seasoning of dirt that can make the most dedicated pool filter or human-powered skimmer give up creating tantruming beasts of the hot and bothered kind including the grown-up who has been delegated the task of One who cleans the pool.

Is there a magical product out there that can be our poolside saviour that can turn an eyesore into a something that is a sight for sore eyes?

A dramatic pause followed by a knowing look precedes the words ‘Artificial grass of course’.
Eco-Standard 40mil a popular choice would fit the bill. It offers the durability and comfort with a natural looking surface. Ditch the concrete pavers they were a good idea, come into the future with a grass that doesn’t mind pool water and the traffic from family, friends and those who just think it’s a good idea that you have a pool.

Couple this brilliant choice with a smattering of shade, a giant umbrella or two or carefully positioned sailcloth and park whatever makes you feel comfy underneath.

Some light landscaping is a choice but again it is up to you. The idea is less work more frolic.
An aquatic area is for pleasure and for play an area to while away your day in comfort that is cool that can only come with a backyard pool.

Most importantly let us not forget the important ingredient that is artificial grass.

Surely your pool area deserves the Eco-Lawn touch?

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