Eco Lawn Landscaping The Perennial Perfection that is Artificial

The Perennial Perfection that is Artificial

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Frost dusting the ground with virgin white rendering the grass beneath crisp as a freshly plucked Cox’s orange. Winter is now upon us, her artic breath chilling the air, regular respite indoors essential.

In areas where temperatures dip even lower dainty snowflakes drift delicately down, sharp, angular cold, the creation of a pristine wintery blanket soon befouled with mud and turning to slush at a mere temperature change.

Biting cold rain, hammering hail adding their collective contributions to the winter woes. The misery of winter lasts forever in the mind’s eye, the warmth of summer a distant and mostly forgotten memory. Days wrapped in dreary grey.

The dormant season has arrived. New growth, halted, for now, waiting for the sun’s warming rays to break winter’s chilling spell.

There is a product out there that makes rules of its own it doesn’t bow to seasonal whims with the trappings of what they bring. It will not succumb to drenching rain, the bite of frost and chilling drifts of snow. Winter does not damage artificial grass. It’s lush, never changing resplendent green blades breaking all wintery rules.

Artificial grass from Eco Lawn is durable so it does not freeze. It is designed as a low maintenance all-weather surface. Due to its built-in drainage system any product that winter chooses to dump on it merely drains away as it melts. The everlasting good looks of your artificial grass won’t fade or change in inclement weather leaving your investment looking as good as ever.

If winter has been incredibly generous with more than a duvet of snow a plastic snow shovel can hurry up the process of making your artificial grass snow free or you can choose to wait it out. Unlike with natural grass you now have options!

Winter will never besmirch artificial grass. Bring a splash of summer to your personal patch. Do you think that your backyard could benefit from the evergreen Eco Lawn touch?

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