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Parental respite and Artificial Grass

Unhappiness mingles with innocence. Eyes filling, twin pools of sadness, a picture of defeat.

Nose plastered against the weeping glass. Beyond the indoors the sky is closed, its heavens grey and unrelenting. Chill factor is as cold as steel railing in the depths of a frost filled winter.

Behind the owner of the nose of misery, within the depths of a chaotic living room siblings are at war over a single plastic cup of which there are actually two.

The white flags of surrender show within parental eyes. Carefully made plans for a fun day outlay in tatters, reminiscent of a post goose-feather pillow fight that somehow went awry in Dad’s man cave with priceless possessions proudly on display.

The light that was only just flickering is now aglow as the cogs are moving within the weary mind soon turning as fast the currently spinning windmill spreading fertiliser as far as the eye can see.

The perfect indoor playland is a place for the under 12s to be, to run like hairy goats within a kaleidoscope of cheerful colours as bright as unicorn’s spittle.

An artificial bubble of the fun lies behind the pool like security gate where living is bright and cheerful and no harm comes even to the smallest of children to climb, gallop and gambol to their heart’s content.

Parental respite and a touch of TLC can be sought from a beverage for once can be enjoyed hot with perhaps a sweet nibble on the side whilst the off-spring run free, expending seemingly endless energy, an easier bedtime, quite possibly, within reach.

A playground of perfection complete with the Eco-lawn touch beneath. How about the Cool Play range – what colour to choose? Blue, green or purple it is entirely up to you. With a 40mm rubber underlay tile allowing a critical fall height of 1.5m ideal for placing beneath the scariest of slides, challenging climbing frames with which the daredevil child seek.

A splash of colour here there and everywhere – the durable multi-play range with its short, densely stitched pile offers a commercial grade premium quality product designed to keep up with the rigours of a busy playground but still looking great for years to come. There are five awesome colours to choose from to add additional happiness and comfort to all those in socks running around from one object to be scrambled, bounced or climbed upon to the next within any quality indoor playland.

A slam and rattle of the pool gates closing behind, a great day was had by all. The promise of takeaways on the way home is the icing on the cake of a perfect day. The promise of rare quality time for the adults with the ankle biters early to bed., a nice cold beverage to sip before facing the new day ahead.

Isn’t it high time that your Playland has the Eco-Lawn touch?

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