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Out with the old

Recyclable Artificial Grass

People are ‘busy’ these days. Upon asking it appears to be a common phrase that we have been so busy that we haven’t had time to (insert whatever perpetually pressing engagement here).

A whirlwind of social events, peppered with sporting commitments and activities both social and otherwise for the offspring, holidays and breaks away, vet visits for the hairy and not so hairy family members, a smattering of this and that jammed in between when procrastination is no longer an option with the constant reminder that kids need regular feeding and food shopping non-negotiable.

The days fly past and before we know it baubles are dangling; plush toys are singing about the yule tide with more enthusiasm than the ones actually experiencing it and the tree dragged out from where it was jammed after its last use.

One cannot but feel like a hamster on a wheel, determined to get somewhere at speed but in reality, getting nowhere at all.

Are we creating a rod for our backs by being in this perpetual state of being busy? Balls which were effectively being juggled are being dropped quicker than a tea towel by a child with something better to do.

Where on earth did the expectation come from that ‘we can do it all?’ Failure is no longer an option. We rush through one task in order to get onto the next on the infinite to do list and, well, sleeping is for the dearly departed.

Meanwhile your incessant state of busyness is on display for the rest of the world with a yard like the Bermuda Triangle where things get sucked in never to return.

A lawn is clearly a text book case for the term ‘fighting fires’ as we are constantly spending time fixing the resulting issues i.e. mowing, watering, fertilisation and other lawn care without resolving the cause of these issues which is the use of natural grass.

Its all about convenience these days and cutting corners to give the illusion, that yes, we can do it all. With Eco Lawn artificial grass there is no illusion and you CAN do it all with a beautiful, low maintenance back yard that is ready whenever you are.

It will be the talk of the neighbourhood and whilst you are in your hamster wheel of busyness you know that you have respite within your own private, park like grounds.

Take the tedious natural lawn maintenance off your do to list for good. Do you think that your life could be changed for the better by embracing the Eco Lawn touch?


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