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We installed Summer 35 for Auckland Grammar to transform their poolside area by implementing an Eco Lawn also known as a grass paver with the objective to create a visually appealing, functional, and environmentally friendly space around the pool. Auckland Grammar was able to benefit in the following ways:

Enhanced Aesthetics and Natural Appeal:

  1. Replace conventional hardscape surfaces with grass pavers, introducing a lush and green ambiance to the poolside area.
  2. The natural green color of the grass contrasts beautifully with the blue of the pool, creating an attractive visual aesthetic.

Cooling Effect and Comfort:

  1. The grass absorbs less heat than traditional paved surfaces, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable poolside experience for bare feet.

Reduced Heat Absorption:

  1. The grass paver system helps reduce heat absorption by the surrounding environment, contributing to a more pleasant outdoor atmosphere.

Improved Drainage and Runoff Management

  1. The permeable structure of the grass pavers allows rainwater to infiltrate the soil rather than pooling on the surface.
  2. This helps prevent water runoff, minimises puddles, and reduces the risk of slippery areas around the pool.

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