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At Eco Lawn Limited, our team is at the heart of our success in the artificial grass industry. We believe that our passionate and skilled staff members are the driving force behind our ability to transform outdoor spaces with high-quality, sustainable artificial grass solutions. With diverse backgrounds and unique strengths, our team members share a commitment to our mission and core values.

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Gareth Tipene

Managing Director

Gareth, a synthetic turf expert and Managing Director of Eco Lawn, possesses deep experience in diverse turf installation techniques and excels in software and technology. His visionary leadership and passion for sustainability led to the founding of Eco Lawn Limited, where he delivers innovative, environmentally-conscious artificial grass solutions that never compromise on quality, setting a new standard for the industry.
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Shane Mishra

Relationship Manager

Shanes expertise in identifying new opportunities and building strong relationships drives our expansion in both wholesale trade and residential artificial grass markets. Shane excels in fostering and sustaining robust client connections, delivering outstanding service and innovative solutions tailored to customers' needs.
Artificial Grass Quincy

Quincy May

Customer Success Manager

As Customer Success Manager, Quincy excels in creating detailed online artificial grass quotes, ensuring accuracy and precision. His exceptional interpersonal skills and dedication to customer satisfaction guarantee a seamless, personalised experience for each client, from initial consultation through project completion.
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Sean Hudson

Operations / Health and Safety

Sean, our diligent Operations and Health and Safety Manager, ensures exceptional workmanship in artificial grass installations with strong communication and job scheduling skills. Committed to safety and perfection, he consistently delivers outstanding results.
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Eldy Lisaca


Eldy, our proficient finance specialist, expertly manages accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and tax compliance. Her financial acumen and meticulous attention to detail ensure our finances remain well-organised, empowering Eco Lawn to steadfastly invest in its mission and values while maintaining fiscal responsibility.
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Stephen Smith

Warehouse Manager

Stephen, our Warehouse Manager, serves as the glue that holds the business together. Expertly coordinating seamless operations in both physical and digital environments, his organisational skills and commitment to efficiency ensure timely product delivery to installers and customers. Stephen diligently manages stock and maintains and services tools and vehicles, enabling the finest artificial grass projects.
Artificial Grass Caroline

Caroline Sovea

Customer Success Assistant

As the dedicated Customer Success Assistant, Caroline Sovea focuses primarily on aiding our Customer Success Manager, yet she effectively supports the entire office team. Her diligence ensures smooth operations and fosters an environment conducive to delivering top-notch customer experiences, from the inception of tasks to their successful fruition.
Artificial Grass Emily

Emily Sue Coates

Business Development

Emily, our talented Data Analyst, previously worked full-time for many years at Eco Lawn specialising in Business Development. Now part-time, she continues to expertly interpret complex datasets, driving informed decisions and optimising strategies for customer satisfaction and business growth.

We Strive For Excellence

Our team’s unique qualities and strengths enable us to offer tailored, expert advice and personalised artificial grass services, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for our customers. We take pride in our artificial grass work and guarantee a premium level of craftsmanship, continuously seeking ways to improve our products and services while staying at the forefront of industry developments and advancements in artificial grass technology.

At Eco Lawn Limited, we prioritise employing local staff and contributing to the growth and development of the communities we serve, building strong relationships with our customers and partners. Our company culture revolves around our mission statement and core values, including quality and sustainability, customer satisfaction, skilled workmanship, environmental stewardship, support for local communities, innovation and adaptability, and integrity and transparency in the artificial grass industry.

By integrating these values into our daily operations, our team at Eco Lawn Limited aims to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve, one artificial grass lawn at a time. Join us on this journey and experience the difference that our dedicated and talented team can make for your outdoor spaces.

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