Eco Lawn Landscaping Obtaining the pinnacle of perfection

Obtaining the pinnacle of perfection

Residential Artificial Grass

By availing yourself of the fallout of Mother Nature’s bouts of seasonal PMS you must take the good with the bad and realise that things often do not turn out the way you had planned.

Be prepared for the fact that your free time will be often eaten up striving for perfection yet never quite reaching it.
There is nothing ‘perfect’ with nature, sure you can mould it into some semblance of the alluring vision in your mind’s eye but to keep it that way regular maintenance in some shape or form must be done.

With our properties, we are all bound by the social rules imposed upon us, legislation that says you must or being the brunt of the surreptitious side eye during a so-called, over the fence ‘friendly’ chat.

No matter what we do, there is a sting in the tail of all things flora; it is not bound by rules. Sure we can control it but the outcome may be not what you originally perceived. Or time a precious commodity creating neglect where there is always ‘something else to do’ allowing your carefully cultivated patch to flourish in ways you would rather it didn’t.

You can lay weed matting beneath your carefully selected cedar chips to stop the weeds staging a militant type coup across your garden beds. You can create borders with wooden sleepers to mark the great divide between garden and lawn. Statues in obtuse forms carefully procured rocks arranged into an eye-pleasing pile and puddles of ponds home to fish darting here and there.

Sure that all looks good; a big thumbs up to you……BUT HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR LAWN?

The way it has been manicured is sublime. The edging with nary a blade out of place. We all know and can hear your trusty mower starting up every Saturday morning once the period for peace has passed. The fertilisation in the spring, prickles are pounced upon there is certainly no tardiness there. You have a shed of shiny gadgets that rival a small hardware store.

But your lawn is not uniform; it is full of patches galore. The spot where you dug up the dandelion has never been the same again, the drenching of the dreaded common soliva or Onehunga weed to the non-Botanists who walk amongst us, sun damage, shady and soggy slow draining spots have all taken its toll. Your lawn now depicts a rather passable topographical description of planet earth.

Picture a backyard of uniform green in whatever shade, blade length and type you choose. Put control back into your life and create your own EcoLawn dream.

You need the uniformity and predictability that comes with the pinnacle of perfection that is EcoLawn artificial grass. Time to approach the friendly EcoLawn team who can advise on the perfect lawn to create your own suburban Shangri-la.

Do you think you can use the uniformity of the EcoLawn touch?

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