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Playgrounds that “POP”!

Fake Grass for Childcare Centres

Ah! Play Centre where the morning car park is a thriving hub where varying vehicles regurgitate ankle biters for whom a plethora of activities awaits. Hurrying, harried Parents park their offspring before beetling off in varying states of eagerness to get on with their day.

Play centres – the providers of learning through play, catering for the littlest yet the most discerning of customers. A zoo of personalities ranging from the leg barnacle to the most adventurous where adult help is to be scorned and leap before you look is the norm.

A day of the fun lies ahead, seen through childish eyes. The potential adventures are boundless in a centre catering for fun, able to take the mess with caregivers pandering to every potential in a place that is truly awesome and is always the best.

The perfect pairing of Eco-Standard the colour of which is naturally green for go, atop a 30mm foam underlay providing a perfect 1.8m soft fall solution for play centre play to impress the pickiest of bureaucratic rubber stampers giving the green light for NZ Safety approved play.

Park it under the climbing frame, or beneath the cubby house, be ideal for stepping stones or an aesthetically pleasing border to make any play area POP!

Lay it inside or out it is incredibly hardy with the ability to withstand accidents from not quite making it in time whilst taking the pounding punishment of tiny feet, the clobbering from an exuberant toddler, where messy dirt is very much so absent and isn’t available for the snacking.

The rough and tumble of boisterous toddler play cushioned by the best, now how to stop that well-aimed bite puts any Caregiver to the test.

The perfect platform for a playful pounce or a not so planned tumble, it allows for the spills of ouch-free childish exploration.

I herald you – Owners, Managers, Caregivers and all beings important to a well-appointed Play Centre don’t your precious little charges deserve the Eco-Lawn touch to make your play areas safe and stand up to the toddler test?

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