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Natural Grass and Seasonal change

With transitioning seasons notable changes can be observed in our natural environment. At first subtle but as the season takes hold they are as obvious as a bacon and egg fry up at a vegan brunch.

The effervescent nature of spring bursting free from the prison like state of winter, parchedness of summer, muted hues of autumn and the icy fingers of winter strangling growth and plunging nature into an enforced state of suspended animation.

Grass like its natural environment will go through seasonal changes. It is in our nature to want to exert control especially when these changes don’t meet our expectations.

Have a weed issue? Here, have some weed killer.
Your lawn is looking tired and in need of a jolly good feed? There is fertiliser for that.
Lawn looking like the last carrot in the vege bin? No worries let’s give it a drink.
Lawn out of control? Time to drag the lawn mower and weed eater out of the shed.

Not only does it take time to control your natural lawn, some changes just cannot be controlled.

Flora follows seasonal changes as do natural lawns. The natural life cycle of grass can give it a less than uniform look irrespective of what you do to it.

If your expectations require grass with uniformity, not subject to seasonal change nor following a natural life cycle then artificial grass can be the key to unlock the door of change.

However not all artificial grass is built the same. Like all products there are choices out there and a range of prices. Artificial grass should be treated as an investment and not as a means to an end. Buying cheap artificial grass can cost you more in the long run as it is simply not built to last nor have the same quality you would expect from its more expensive counterparts.

In addition, artificial grass is only as good as its installation. If the ground work is less than satisfactory then the expected life span could be shortened and the results disappointing.

Eco Lawn not only supplies Australian made artificial grass but a range of different grass types to meet your aesthetic expectations but budget too.

The benefits from choosing Eco Lawn’s artificial grass products do not stop there, a professional installation service is offered to ensure your investment meets your exacting standards.

For a lawn not subject to seasonal change could your yard do with the Eco Lawn touch?


For uniformity no matter the season

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