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The Multiplay platform in Schools

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The smell of chalk dust, lead and youth permeate the air forming a thick perimeter loudly proclaiming what lies within. This is a place for Eco Lawn to shine.

Fling open the iron gates to the upbeat ambience a by-product formed by the natural optimism of the innocent. The best days of one’s life yet becoming older cannot come fast enough. The days seemingly stretching longer than the one before, the milestones of age eagerly anticipated.

The shaping of young minds begins early, the congregation of the smaller members of society, the noise deafening, play equipment monolith in the minds of the youngest, daunting to newcomers. School is the gateway between babyhood and big kid.

Where learning through play is performed on a myriad of playground platforms. Netball cum basketball court here, some tennis courts over there, the swimming pool being held prisoner within its locked gates parked some distance away, climbing equipment for the juniors and a set for the seniors too. A spot for this or that cosily kept under a coloured steel roof and a place to listen to the pontification of points during the Principal’s weekly drone.

This is a place where memories are made and surnames never are forgotten!

Would you believe it if I told you that Eco-Lawn has ONE product that will suit this smorgasbord of playground options? This quintessential quality product for play lives up to its name of Multiplay. Its 19mm densely stitched pile means it is short enough to fulfil a variety of needs.

Even better, there is a range of colours to choose from to suit individual requirements. Buffalo Green for around the pool, blue for the tennis courts, rust for the court with the hoop, a mishmash of colours – yellow and white to brighten up any speech or a combination of all to add splashes of ‘happy’ to any playground.

It is built for endurance that comes with the inevitable rough and tumble of regular playground use. Being low maintenance the long-suffering caretaker can be put out to pasture or assigned to other duties.

Could your buffet of playground options do with the Eco-Lawn touch?

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